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apps 2df4370   17 years zzz Some changes to make the SAM module never block if called on a socket …
core 9f17654   17 years zzz tuned to avoid expensive biginteger operation (well, not "expensive", …
installer b0a1b3b   17 years zzz added some harvest options dont use javaw, since its a bitch to kill …
router 7243963   17 years zzz removed the insane explicit GC
build.xml 6.5 KB e923aa1   17 years zzz add the timestamper
hosts.txt 28.6 KB 1a65d70   17 years zzz added morph.i2p
readme.txt 4.4 KB 77bd69c   17 years zzz beginning of branch i2p.i2p.i2p

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i2p b0bca2f   2 years zzz Util: Avoid dup context warning when SU3File called twice from gradle
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