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1Headless (console mode) I2P installation instructions
31) java -jar i2pinstall.exe -console       (you've already done this)
5This will run the installer in text mode, including running the
6script. After that, you may run 'sh i2prouter start'
7which will start the router and attempt to launch a browser.
9If you do not have an X server running, the browser launch may fail, and
10you may use:
11  lynx http://localhost:7657/
12to configure the router.
14If you're having trouble, swing by http://forum.i2p/, check the
15website at, or get on irc://
17I2P will create and store files and configuration data in the user directory
18~/.i2p/ on Linux and %APPDATA%\I2P\ on Windows. This directory is created
19when I2P is run for the first time. It also creates files in the system
20temporary directory specified by the Java Virtual Machine.
21To change the location of these directories, or to configure I2P to
22put all files in this directory (the so-called "portable" configuration),
23edit the files i2prouter (Linux) and wrapper.config (Linux and Windows)
24where there are comments labeled "PORTABLE". Do this before you
25run I2P for the first time.
27To start I2P:
28   (*nix): sh i2prouter start
29   (win*): I2P.exe
30   (non-x86 platforms PPC, ARM, etc): sh
32To stop I2P (gracefully):
33   lynx http://localhost:7657/summaryframe (click "Shutdown")
35To stop I2P immediately:
36   sh i2prouter stop
38To uninstall I2P:
39   rm -rf $I2PInstallDir ~/.i2p
41Supported JVMs:
42  All platforms: Java 1.6 or higher required; 1.7 or higher recommended
43  Windows: OpenJDK or Oracle from
44  Linux:   OpenJDK or Oracle from
45  FreeBSD: OpenJDK or Oracle from
46  Raspberry Pi: Oracle 8 Early Access
47  PowerPC: IBM SDK 7
48  Other operating systems and JVMs: See or
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