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1I2P source installation instructions
3Prerequisites to build from source:
4        Java SDK (preferably Sun) 1.5.0 or higher (1.6 recommended)
5        The SDK must have Pack200 support (java.util.jar.Pack200)
6        Apache Ant 1.7.0 or higher
7        Optional, For multilanguage support: The xgettext, msgfmt, and msgmerge tools installed
8        from the GNU gettext package
10To build and install I2P from source, you must first build
11and package up the appropriate installer by running:
13  ant pkg
16This will produce a few key files:
17* install.jar:    the GUI and console installer
18* i2pinstall.exe: the GUI and console installer wrapped for cross-platform execution
19*  the update package
21From there, you can run the headless (console mode) installer:
22  java -jar i2pinstall.exe -console
24Or run the GUI installer:
25  java -jar i2pinstall.exe
27Or move the update file into an existing installation directory and restart.
29Supported JVMs:
30  Windows: Latest available from (1.5+ supported)
31  Linux:   Latest available from (1.5+ supported)
32  FreeBSD: Sun 1.5-compatible (NIO required)
33  various: Sun 1.5-compatible (NIO required)
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