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Upgrade to izpack 4.3.0 and add a short script to fix Vista install problems.
(previous izpack was 3.7.2 from 2005-04-22)

izpack 4.3.0 from :
SHA1 f06da6b26ac2c68fed64ab38980352989b8d8841
(no signatures or sha1sums found on website, and the jar is unsigned)
License: Apache 2.0

upack izpack:
java -jar IzPack?-install-4.3.0.jar
java -jar IzPack?-install-4.3.0.jar -console

get the standalone-compiler.jar from the installation lib/ directory:
SHA1 6d2b4a5657bfb864a333b1c4b1c0f8223aa57d80
(no signatures or sha1sums found on website, and the jar is unsigned)

This fixes the bug with the install windows centered in all the
workspaces, not the current workspace. And who knows what other
bugs in the last 4 years.

To fix Vista (and presumably Windows 7) permissiom problems,
add a run-privileged flag for those, and run the new fixperms.bat
which calls icacls to add the privileges to the install directory.

Add support for 6 more language packs found in the new release.
Change from ISO3 codes to native language names.

Disable creation of the i2p.tar.bz2 file in build.xml
(distributed as i2pheadless-0.7.x.tar.bz2), as izpack 4.3.0 now
supports headless installation with java -jar i2pinstall.exe -console.
Update INSTALL.txt and INSTALL-headless.txt accordingly.

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1I2P source installation instructions
3To build and install I2P from source, you must first build
4and package up the appropriate installer by running:
6  ant pkg
8This will produce a few key files:
9* install.jar:    the GUI and console installer
10* i2pinstall.exe: the GUI and console installer wrapped for cross-platform execution
11*  the update package
13From there, you can run the headless (console mode) installer:
14  java -jar i2pinstall.exe -console
16Or run the GUI installer:
17  java -jar i2pinstall.exe
19Or move the update file into an existing installation directory and restart.
21You will need to have ant installed from
22(1.7.0 or newer)
24Supported JVMs:
25  Windows: Latest available from (1.5+ supported)
26  Linux:   Latest available from (1.5+ supported)
27  FreeBSD: Sun 1.5-compatible (NIO required)
28  various: Sun 1.5-compatible (NIO required)
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