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  • Checklist updates
  • Console:
    • Don't reset graph settings when clicking restart or shutdown on graphs page
    • Don't recommend guest login on trac, it's disabled
    • Catch and remove corrupt jrb file (ticket #1186)
    • Always set default language on /configui
  • Readme: Update links
  • Transports: Reduce target connection count again to reduce

tunnel reject rate further

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[9d9d409]1Prerequisites to build from source:
[18e57d1]2        Java SDK (preferably Oracle/Sun or OpenJDK) 1.6.0 or higher
[31e96b4]3          Non-linux operating systems and JVMs: See
[9d9d409]4        Apache Ant 1.7.0 or higher
[2c8f426e]5        The xgettext, msgfmt, and msgmerge tools installed
[18e57d1]6          from the GNU gettext package
8To build:
[2c8f426e]9        On x86 systems do:
10                ant pkg
12        On non-x86, use one of the following instead:
13                ant installer-linux
14                ant installer-freebsd
15                ant installer-osx
[9d9d409]17        Run 'ant' with no arguments to see other build options.
[a2ba9bb]18        See INSTALL.txt or for installation instructions.
[9d9d409]22        API: run 'ant javadoc' then start at build/javadoc/index.html
24Latest release:
27To get development branch from source control:
33Need help?
34        IRC #i2p
[264e27a]35        http://forum.i2p/
[03f1656]38        See LICENSE.txt
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