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1# To enable set router.blocklist.enable=true on configadvanced.jsp and restart.
2# Add additional entries as desired, sorting not required.
3# Warning - a large list will increase memory usage.
4# Please do not block too broadly, it will segment and harm the network.
5# Also you must update this list yourself, it is not overwritten by the update process.
6# For example, is very broad and includes Tor users, it is not recommended.
7# A more reasonable list:
9Fucktard Floodfill Flooder:
10Friend of the Fucktard Floodfill Flooder:
11Fucktard Class O Unreachable:Do51O6vNvAYQRCK-~REhrblGHHOKGwH4RkpGp75nnNs=
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