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1These instructions are for a recent Android SDK (1.6 or later)..
2Should also still work with a 1.5 SDK.
3The build file is not compatible with the 1.1 SDK any more.
5#Download the SDK from
6#Unzip the android SDK in ../../
7#So then the android tools will be in ../../android-sdk-linux_86/tools/
9# now go to the available packages tab, check the box and click refresh,
10# and download an SDK Platform
11# Since I2P is configured to run on 1.1 or higher
12# (API 2) download that one. Otherwise you must change the
13# target in from android-2 to andriod-x
14# where x is the API version.
16# create a file with the following line:
17# sdk-location=/path/to/your/android-sdk-linux_86
19#then build the android apk file:
20ant debug
22# Create the android 1.1 (API 2) virtual device
23# (don't make a custom hardware profile)
24# A AVD created with the 1.5 SDK will not work with the newer tools
25../../android-sdk-linux_86/tools/android create avd --name i2p --target 2
27#then run the emulator:
28../../android-sdk-linux_86/tools/emulator -avd i2p &
30#then wait a couple minutes until the emulator is up
31#then install the I2P app (ONE TIME ONLY)
32ant install
34#then run the debugger
35../../android-sdk-linux_86/tools/ddms &
37#to rebuild and reinstall to emulator:
38ant reinstall
40# Now click on the I2P icon on your phone!
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