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2004-12-31 ragnarok

  • Integrated latest addressbook changes (2.0.3) which include support for deploying as a .war file with no existing addressbook configuration.
  • Updated main build process to bundle the addressbook.war in the i2pinstall.jar and
  • Property mode set to 100644
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1addressbook v2.0.2 - A simple name resolution mechanism for I2P
3addressbook is a simple implementation of subscribable address books for I2P. 
4Addresses are stored in userhosts.txt and a second copy of the address book is
5placed on your eepsite as hosts.txt.
7subscriptions.txt contains a list of urls to check for new addresses.
8Since the urls are checked in order, and conflicting addresses are not added,
9addressbook.subscriptions can be considered to be ranked in order of trust.
11The system created by addressbook is similar to the early days of DNS,
12when everyone ran a local name server.  The major difference is the lack of
13authority.  Name cannot be guaranteed to be globally unique, but in practise
14they probably will be, for a variety of social reasons.
19i2p with a running http proxy
21Installation and Usage
241. Unzip into your i2p directory.
252. Restart your router.
27The addressbook daemon will automatically run while the router is up.
29Aside from the daemon itself, the other elements of the addressbook interface
30are the config.txt, myhosts.txt, and subscriptions.txt files found in the addressbook
33config.txt is the configuration file for addressbook.
35myhosts.txt is the addressbook master address book.  Addresses placed in this file
36take precidence over those in the router address book and in remote address books. 
37If changes are made to this file, they will be reflected in the router address book
38and published address book after the next update. Do not make changes directly to the
39router address book, as they could be lost during an update.
41subscriptions.txt is the subscription list for addressbook.  Each entry is an absolute
42url to a file in hosts.txt format. Since the list is checked in order, url's should be
43listed in order of trust.
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