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  • Added support for on-the-fly routerconsole.lang changes to desktopgui and routerconsole (routerconsole now commits changes to the I2PAppContext).
  • Added desktopgui support for detecting if it's running in the same JVM as I2P (without commandline arguments).
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1Current setup:
2* Build desktopgui:
3    * 'ant jar' in the desktopgui directory
4    OR
5    * 'ant desktopgui' in the i2p.i2p directory
6* Place desktopgui.jar in the $I2P/lib/ directory.
7* Add to .i2p/clients.config:
8    #Desktopgui
9    clientApp.6.args=
10    clientApp.6.delay=5
11    clientApp.6.main=net.i2p.desktopgui.Main
13    clientApp.6.startOnLoad=true
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