source: apps/i2psnark/i2psnark.config @ be9523f

Last change on this file since be9523f was be9523f, checked in by zzz <zzz@…>, 12 years ago
  • Config files: Add some encoding help
  • DataHelper?, Router:
    • Save config files in UTF-8 rather than the default encoding, since we read them in UTF-8
  • jetty.xml: Change encoding to UTF-8
  • logs.jsp: Add system encoding
  • NTCP: Clean up clock skew shitlist message
  • Shitlist: Clean up expire message
  • WorkingDir?: Ensure modified files are processed with UTF-8 encoding
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 286 bytes
1# NOTE: This I2P config file must use UTF-8 encoding
3# If you have a 'split' directory installation, with configuration
4# files in ~/.i2p (Linux) or %APPDATA%\I2P (Windows), be sure to
5# edit the file in the configuration directory, NOT the install directory.
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