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i2psnark standalone:

  • Cherry-pick fixes from psi's github i2psnark_rpc branch
  • Fix up Jetty XML file for Jetty 8
  • Start with JettyStart?
  • Add UrlLauncher? to launch browser
  • Move RunStandalone? to standalone/ directory
  • Fix up paths in CSS files during build
  • Force startup delay to 0 when in router context
  • Fix theme selection when not in router context
  • Adjust CSS and image paths when not in router context
  • Add hosts.txt so announces work
  • Property mode set to 100755
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3# This launches i2psnark and jetty in a separate jvm.
4# The file jetty-i2psnark.xml must be present in the current directory.
5# i2psnark will be accessed at
8java -jar "$I2P/i2psnark.jar"
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