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1To run i2psnark's standalone mode make sure you have an i2p router running in the background, then run:
3java -jar i2psnark.jar
5I2PSnark web ui will be at
7I2PSnark is GPL'ed software, based on Snark ( to run on top of I2P
8( within a webserver (such as the bundled Jetty from
9  For more information about I2PSnark, get in touch
10with the folks at http://zzz.i2p/
13To add RPC support:
151) Stop i2psnark standalone if running.
172a) If you have the i2psnark-rpc plugin installed in your router already,
18    copy the file ~/.i2p/plugins/i2psnark-rpc/console/webapps/transmission.war
19    to the webapps/ directory in your standalone install.
212b) If you do not have the i2psnark-rpc plugin installed, get the i2p.plugins.i2psnark-rpc
22    branch out of monotone, build with 'ant war', and copy the file src/build/transmission.war.jar
23    to the file webapps/transmission.war in your standalone install.
253) Start i2psnark standalone as usual. The transmission web interface will be at
26 or if you have transmission-remote installed,
27   test with 'transmission-remote 8002 -l'
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