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  • i2psnark build:
    • Move FetchAndAdd? to static inner class
    • Remove duplicate classes from i2psnark.war (120KB); fixes sporadic FetchAndAdd? IllegalAccessError?
    • Fix standalone build to include i2psnark.jar since classes aren't in the .war anymore
    • Have standalone jetty use I2PAppContext temp directory
    • Replace launch-i2psnark.jar with launch-i2psnark script, since RunStandalone? is in i2p.jar
    • Clean up jetty-i2psnark.xml, turn off jetty logging
    • Remove standalone build from the pkg target in the main build.xml
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1To run I2PSnark from the command line, run "java -jar lib/i2psnark.jar", but
2to run it with the web UI, run "launch-i2psnark".  I2PSnark is
3GPL'ed software, based on Snark ( to run on top of I2P
4( within a webserver (such as the bundled Jetty from
5  For more information about I2PSnark, get in touch
6with the folks at
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