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1# I2P
2# Copyright (C) 2009 The I2P Project
3# This file is distributed under the same license as the i2ptunnel package.
4# To contribute translations, see
6# Translators:
7# Khairul Agasta <>, 2014
8# Robert Dafis <>, 2017
9msgid ""
10msgstr ""
11"Project-Id-Version: I2P\n"
12"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
13"POT-Creation-Date: 2017-06-05 23:01+0000\n"
14"PO-Revision-Date: 2017-07-27 02:09+0000\n"
15"Last-Translator: Robert Dafis <>\n"
16"Language-Team: Indonesian (\n"
17"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
18"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
19"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
20"Language: id\n"
21"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
23#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
24#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
25#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
26msgid "Website Unreachable"
27msgstr "Situs tidak dapat dibuka"
29#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
30#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
31#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
32#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
33#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
34#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
35#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
36#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
37#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
38#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
39msgid "Router Console"
40msgstr "Konsol Router"
42#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
43#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
44#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
45#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
46#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
47#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
48#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
49#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
50#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
51msgid "I2P Router Console"
52msgstr "I2P Konsol Router"
54#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
55#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
56#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
57#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
58#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
59#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
60#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
61#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
62#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
63#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
64msgid "Configuration"
65msgstr "Konfigurasi"
67#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
68#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
69#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
70#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
71#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
72#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
73#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
74#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
75#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
76#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
77msgid "Help"
78msgstr "Bantuan"
80#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
81#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
82#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
83#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
84#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
85#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
86#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
87#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
88#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
89#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
90msgid "Addressbook"
91msgstr "Buku alamat"
93#: ../java/build/
94msgid "The website was not reachable."
95msgstr "Situs ini tidak dapat dibuka"
97#: ../java/build/
98msgid ""
99"The website is offline, there is network congestion, or your router is not "
100"yet well-integrated with peers."
101msgstr "Situsnya offline, ada kemacetan di jaringan, atau router anda belum terintegrasi dengan baik dengan peers."
103#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
104#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
105#, java-format
106msgid "You may want to {0}retry{1}."
107msgstr "Anda mungkin ingin {0}mengulang{1}."
109#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
110#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
111msgid "You may want to retry."
112msgstr "Silakan dicoba lagi."
114#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
115#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
116#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
117#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
118msgid "Could not find the following destination:"
119msgstr "Tidak dapat menemukan tujuan berikut:"
121#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
122#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
123msgid "Outproxy Not Found"
124msgstr "Outproxy tidak ditemukan"
126#: ../java/build/
127msgid ""
128"The HTTP outproxy was not reachable, because its lease set was not found."
129msgstr "HTTP outproxy tidak bisa ditemukan karena lease set-nya tidak ditemukan."
131#: ../java/build/
132msgid ""
133"The outproxy is probably down, but there could also be network congestion."
134msgstr "Outproxynya mungkin tidak aktif, namun mungkin ada kemacetan di jaringan."
136#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
137#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
138#, java-format
139msgid ""
140"You may want to {0}retry{1} as this will randomly reselect an outproxy from "
141"the pool you have defined {2}here{3} (if you have more than one configured)."
142msgstr "Anda mungkin ingin {0}mengulang{1} karena ini akan secara acak memilih ulang sebuah outproxy dari pool yang telah Anda tetapkan {2}disini{3} (jika Anda memiliki lebih dari satu yang dikonfigurasikan)."
144#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
145#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
146#, java-format
147msgid ""
148"You may want to retry as this will randomly reselect an outproxy from the "
149"pool you have defined {0}here{1} (if you have more than one configured)."
150msgstr "Silakan dicoba lagi karena ini akan secara acak memilih outproxy dari pool yang sudah anda buat {0}ini{1} (jika ada lebih dari satu outproxy yang dibuat)."
152#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
153#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
154#, java-format
155msgid ""
156"If you continue to have trouble you may want to edit your outproxy list "
158msgstr "Jika Anda terus mengalami kesulitan Anda mungkin ingin mengedit daftar outproxy Anda {0}disini{1}."
160#: ../java/build/
161msgid "Information: New Host Name"
162msgstr "Informasi: Nama Host Baru"
164#: ../java/build/
165msgid "Information: New Host Name with Address Helper"
166msgstr "Informasi: Nama Host Baru dengan Alamat Pembantu"
168#: ../java/build/
169msgid ""
170"The address helper link you followed is for a new host name that is not in "
171"your address book."
172msgstr "Tautan alamat pembantu yang Anda ikuti adalah untuk host baru yang tidak dalam buku alamat Anda."
174#: ../java/build/
175msgid "You may save this host name to your local address book."
176msgstr "Anda dapat menyimpan nama host ini ke buku alamat lokal Anda."
178#: ../java/build/
179msgid ""
180"If you save it to your address book, you will not see this message again."
181msgstr "Jika Anda menyimpannya ke buku alamat Anda, Anda tidak akan melihat pesan ini lagi."
183#: ../java/build/
184msgid ""
185"If you do not save it, the host name will be forgotten after the next router"
186" restart."
187msgstr "Jika Anda tidak menyimpannya, nama host akan dilupakan setelah router memulai ulang berikutnya."
189#: ../java/build/
190msgid ""
191"If you do not wish to visit this host, click the \"back\" button on your "
193msgstr "Jika Anda tidak ingin mengunjungi host ini, klik tombol \"kembali\" pada peramban Anda."
195#: ../java/build/
196msgid "The website was not reachable, because its lease set was not found."
197msgstr "Situs ini tidak bisa dibuka karena lease set-nya tidak ditemukan."
199#: ../java/build/
200msgid ""
201"The website is probably down, but there could also be network congestion."
202msgstr "Situs ini mungkin tidak aktif, namun mungkin ada kemacetan di jaringan."
204#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
205msgid "Warning: Invalid Request URI"
206msgstr "Peringatan: Permintaan URI Tidak Valid"
208#: ../java/build/
209msgid "The request URI is invalid, and probably contains illegal characters."
210msgstr "Permintaan URI tidak valid, dan mungkin mengandung karakter ilegal."
212#: ../java/build/
213msgid ""
214"If you clicked a link, check the end of the URI for any characters the "
215"browser has mistakenly added on."
216msgstr "Jika Anda mengklik sebuah tautan, periksa akhiran URI atas segala karakter yang secara keliru ditambahkan oleh peramban."
218#: ../java/build/
219msgid "Error: Request Denied"
220msgstr "Kesalahan: Permintaan Ditolak"
222#: ../java/build/
223msgid "Error: Local Access"
224msgstr "Kesalahan: Akses Lokal"
226#: ../java/build/
227msgid "Your browser is misconfigured."
228msgstr "Peramban Anda terkonfigurasi dengan buruk."
230#: ../java/build/
231msgid ""
232"Do not use the proxy to access the router console, localhost, or local LAN "
234msgstr "Jangan menggunakan proxy untuk mengakses konsol router, localhost, atau tujuan LAN lokal."
236#: ../java/build/
237msgid "Website Unknown"
238msgstr "Situs ini tidak diketahui"
240#: ../java/build/
241msgid "Website Not Found in Addressbook"
242msgstr "Situs ini tidak ada di buku alamat"
244#: ../java/build/
245msgid "The website was not found in your router's addressbook."
246msgstr "Situs ini tidak ada di buku alamat router anda."
248#: ../java/build/
249msgid "Check the link or find a Base 32 or Base 64 address."
250msgstr "Periksa tautan atau temukan alamat Base 32 atau Base 64."
252#: ../java/build/
253#, java-format
254msgid "If you have the Base 64 address, {0}add it to your addressbook{1}."
255msgstr "Jika Anda memiliki alamat Base 64, {0}tambahkan alamat itu ke buku alamat Anda{1}."
257#: ../java/build/
258msgid ""
259"Otherwise, find a Base 32 or address helper link, or use a jump service link"
260" below."
261msgstr "Jika tidak, temukan Base 32 atau tautan alamat pembantu, atau gunakan tautan layanan lompatan dibawah."
263#: ../java/build/
264#, java-format
265msgid ""
266"Seeing this page often? See {0}the FAQ{1} for help in {2}adding some "
267"subscriptions{3} to your addressbook."
268msgstr "Sering melihat laman ini? Lihat {0}FAQ{1} untuk bantuan dalam {2}menambahkan beberapa langganan{3} ke buku alamat Anda."
270#: ../java/build/
271msgid ""
272"The website was not reachable, because it uses encryption options that are "
273"not supported by your I2P or Java version."
274msgstr "Situs ini tidak bisa dibuka karena enkripsinya tidak didukung I2P atau versi Java yang anda gunakan."
276#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
277msgid "Could not connect to the following destination:"
278msgstr "Tidak bisa tersambung ke tujuan berikut:"
280#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
281#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
282msgid "Connection Reset"
283msgstr "Sambungan terputus lalu tersambung lagi."
285#: ../java/build/
286msgid "The connection to the website was reset while the page was loading."
287msgstr "Sambungan ke situs ini terputus lalu tersambung lagi waktu halaman ini sedang memuat."
289#: ../java/build/
290msgid ""
291"The website could be temporarily unavailable, too busy, or it has blocked "
292"your access."
293msgstr "Situs ini mungkin sedang tidak bisa dibuka, terlalu sibuk, atau memblokir anda."
295#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
296msgid "Warning: Invalid Destination"
297msgstr "Peringatan: Tujuan Tidak Valid"
299#: ../java/build/
300msgid ""
301"The website destination specified was not valid, or was otherwise "
303msgstr "Situs yang anda masukkan tidak valid atau tidak bisa dibuka."
305#: ../java/build/
306msgid ""
307"Perhaps you pasted in the wrong Base 64 string or the link you are following"
308" is bad."
309msgstr "Mungkin Anda menempelkan string Base 64 yang salah atau tautan yang Anda ikuti buruk."
311#: ../java/build/
312msgid "The I2P host could also be offline."
313msgstr "Host I2P mungkin juga sedang offline."
315#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
316msgid "Warning: No Outproxy Configured"
317msgstr "Peringatan: Tidak Ada Outproxy yang Dikonfigurasikan"
319#: ../java/build/
320msgid ""
321"Your request was for a site outside of I2P, but you have no HTTP outproxy "
323msgstr "Permintaan Anda adalah untuk situs diluar I2P, tetapi Anda belum memiliki outproxy HTTP yang dikonfigurasikan."
325#: ../java/build/
326msgid "Please configure an outproxy in I2PTunnel."
327msgstr "Silahkan mengkonfigurasikan outproxy dalam I2PTunnel."
329#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
330msgid "Warning: Destination Key Conflict"
331msgstr "Peringatan: Kunci Tujuan Bermasalah"
333#: ../java/build/
334msgid ""
335"The address helper link you followed specifies a different destination key "
336"than the entry in your address book."
337msgstr "Tautan bantuan alamat yang anda gunakan menggunakan destination key yang berbeda dengan yang ada di buku alamat anda."
339#: ../java/build/
340msgid ""
341"Someone could be trying to impersonate another website, or people have given"
342" two websites identical names."
343msgstr "Sebuah situs mungkin sedang berpura-pura menjadi situs yang ada tuju atau ada situs yang mempunyai nama yang sama."
345#: ../java/build/
346msgid ""
347"Resolve the conflict by deciding which key you trust, and then either ignore"
348" the address helper link, or delete the host entry from your address book "
349"and click the address helper link again."
350msgstr "Selesaikan konflik ini dengan memutuskan kunci yang anda percaya, lalu 1) abaikan tautan di bantuan alamat atau 2) hapus entry host yang ada di buku alamat anda lalu klik lagi tautan di bantuan alamat."
352#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
353msgid "Warning: Bad Address Helper"
354msgstr "Peringatan: Alamat Pembantu Buruk"
356#: ../java/build/
357#, java-format
358msgid "The helper key in the URL ({0}i2paddresshelper={1}) is not resolvable."
359msgstr "Kunci pembantu dalam URL ({0}i2paddresshelper={1}) tidak dapat diatasi."
361#: ../java/build/
362msgid "It seems to be garbage data, or a mistyped Base 32 address."
363msgstr "Sepertinya data tidak berguna, atau kesalahan pengetikan alamat Base 32."
365#: ../java/build/
366msgid ""
367"Check your URL to try and fix the helper key to be a valid Base 32 hostname "
368"or Base 64 key."
369msgstr "Periksa URL Anda untuk mencoba dan memperbaiki kunci pembantu untuk menjadi hostname Base 32 valid atau kunci Base 64."
371#: ../java/build/
372msgid "The HTTP Outproxy was not found."
373msgstr "Outproxy HTTP tidak ditemukan."
375#: ../java/build/
376msgid ""
377"It is offline, there is network congestion, or your router is not yet well-"
378"integrated with peers."
379msgstr "Sedang offline, ada kemacetan pada jaringan, atau router Anda belum terintegrasi dengan baik dengan peer."
381#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
382msgid "Warning: Request Denied"
383msgstr "Peringatan: Permintaan Ditolak"
385#: ../java/build/
386msgid "You attempted to connect to a non-I2P website or location."
387msgstr "Anda mencoba untuk terhubung ke website atau lokasi non-I2P."
389#: ../java/build/
390msgid "Proxy Authorization Required"
391msgstr "Otorisasi Proxy Diperlukan"
393#: ../java/build/
394msgid "I2P HTTP Proxy Authorization Required"
395msgstr "Otorisasi Proxy HTTP I2P Diperlukan"
397#: ../java/build/
398msgid ""
399"This proxy is configured to require a username and password for access."
400msgstr "Proxy ini dikonfigurasikan untuk memerlukan nama pengguna dan kata sandi ketika mengakses."
402#: ../java/build/
403#, java-format
404msgid ""
405"Please enter your username and password, or check your {0}router "
406"configuration{1} or {2}I2PTunnel configuration{3}."
407msgstr "Silahkan masukkan nama pengguna dan kata sandi Anda, atau periksa {0}konfigurasi router{1} atau {2}konfigurasi I2PTunnel{3} Anda."
409#: ../java/build/
410#, java-format
411msgid ""
412"To disable authorization, remove the configuration "
413"{0}i2ptunnel.proxy.auth=basic{1}, then stop and restart the HTTP Proxy "
415msgstr "Untuk menonaktifkan otorisasi, hapus konfigurasi {0}i2ptunnel.proxy.auth=basic{1}, kemudian hentikan dan mulai ulang saluran Proxy HTTP."
417#: ../java/build/
418msgid "The connection to the proxy was reset."
419msgstr "Koneksi terhadap proxy tersambung ulang."
421#: ../java/build/
422msgid ""
423"The proxy could be temporarily unavailable, too busy, or it has blocked your"
424" access."
425msgstr "Proxy yang anda tuju mungkin sedang tidak bisa digunakan atau memblokir anda."
427#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
428msgid "Warning: Non-HTTP Protocol"
429msgstr "Peringatan: Protokol Non-HTTP"
431#: ../java/build/
432msgid "The request uses a bad protocol."
433msgstr "Permintaan menggunakan protokol yang buruk."
435#: ../java/build/
436msgid "The I2P HTTP Proxy supports HTTP and HTTPS requests only."
437msgstr "Proxy HTTP I2P mendukung hanya permintaan HTTP dan HTTPS."
439#: ../java/build/
440msgid "Other protocols such as FTP are not allowed."
441msgstr "Protokol lainnya seperti FTP tidak diizinkan."
443#: ../java/build/ ../java/build/
444msgid "Outproxy Unreachable"
445msgstr "Outproxy tidak bisa tersambung"
447#: ../java/build/
448msgid ""
449"The HTTP outproxy was not reachable, because it uses encryption options that"
450" are not supported by your I2P or Java version."
451msgstr "HTTP outproxy tidak bisa tersambung karena menggunakan enkripsi yang tidak didukung I2P atau versi Java anda."
453#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
454msgid "This seems to be a bad destination:"
455msgstr "Ini sepertinya menjadi tujuan yang buruk."
457#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
458msgid "i2paddresshelper cannot help you with a destination like that!"
459msgstr "i2paddresshelper tidak dapat membantu Anda dengan tujuan seperti itu!"
461#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
462#, java-format
463msgid ""
464"To visit the destination in your address book, click <a "
465"href=\"{0}\">here</a>. To visit the conflicting addresshelper destination, "
466"click <a href=\"{1}\">here</a>."
467msgstr "Untuk mengunjungi destinasi di buku alamat anda, klik <a href=\"{0}\">di sini</a>. Untuk mengunjungi destinasi addresshelper yang konflik, kilik <a href=\"{1}\">di sini</a>."
469#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
470#, java-format
471msgid "Destination for {0} in address book"
472msgstr "Destinasi untuk {0} di buku alamat"
474#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
475msgid "Conflicting address helper destination"
476msgstr "destinasi addresshelper yang konflik"
478#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
479msgid "Destination lease set not found"
480msgstr "Set penyewaan tujuan tidak ditemukan"
482#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
483msgid "Host"
484msgstr "Host"
486#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
487msgid "Base 32"
488msgstr "Base 32"
490#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
491msgid "Destination"
492msgstr "Tujuan"
494#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
495#, java-format
496msgid "Continue to {0} without saving"
497msgstr "Melanjutkan ke {0} tanpa menyimpan"
499#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
500msgid ""
501"You can browse to the site without saving it to the address book. The "
502"address will be remembered until you restart your I2P router."
503msgstr "Anda dapat mengunjungi sebuah situs tanpa menyimpannya ke dalam buku alamat. Alamat situs akan disimpan sampai anda memulai-ulang router I2P anda."
505#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
506msgid "Continue without saving"
507msgstr "Lanjutkan tanpa menyimpan"
509#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
510#, java-format
511msgid "Save {0} to router address book and continue to website"
512msgstr "Simpan {0} ke dalam buku alamat router lalu lanjut ke situs yang anda tuju"
514#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
515msgid ""
516"This address will be saved to your Router address book where your "
517"subscription-based addresses are stored."
518msgstr "Alamat ini akan disimpan ke dalam buku alamat router anda di mana alamat subscription-based disimpan."
520#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
521msgid ""
522"If you want to keep track of sites you have added manually, add to your "
523"Master or Private address book instead."
524msgstr "JIka anda ingin melacak situs yang anda tambah secara manual, tambahkan alamat tersebut ke dalam buku alamat Master atau Private milik anda."
526#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
527#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
528#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
529msgid "Save & continue"
530msgstr "Simpan & lanjutkan"
532#. only blockfile supports multiple books
533#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
534#, java-format
535msgid "Save {0} to master address book and continue to website"
536msgstr "Simpan {0} ke dalam buku alamat Master kemudian lanjut ke situsnya."
538#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
539msgid ""
540"This address will be saved to your Master address book. Select this option "
541"for addresses you wish to keep separate from the main router address book, "
542"but don't mind publishing."
543msgstr "Alamat ini akan disimpan ke dalam buku alamat Master. Pilih opsi ini untuk alamat yang anda pisahkan dari buku alamat utama di router anda namun tidak apa-apa diketahui orang lain."
545#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
546#, java-format
547msgid "Save {0} to private address book and continue to website"
548msgstr "Simpan {0} ke dalam buku alamat Private kemudian lanjut ke situsnya."
550#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/
551msgid ""
552"This address will be saved to your Private address book, ensuring it is "
553"never published."
554msgstr "Alamat ini akan disimpan ke buku alamat Private untuk memastikan tidak pernah diketahui orang lain."
556#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
557#, java-format
558msgid "Added via address helper from {0}"
559msgstr "Ditambahkan melalui alamat pembantu dari {0}"
561#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
562msgid "Added via address helper"
563msgstr "Ditambahkan melalui alamat pembantu"
565#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
566msgid "router"
567msgstr "router"
569#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
570msgid "master"
571msgstr "master"
573#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
574msgid "private"
575msgstr "pribadi"
577#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
578#, java-format
579msgid "Redirecting to {0}"
580msgstr "Mengalihkan ke {0}"
582#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
583#, java-format
584msgid "Saved {0} to the {1} addressbook, redirecting now."
585msgstr "Menyimpan {0} ke buku alamat {1}, mengalihkan sekarang."
587#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
588#, java-format
589msgid "Failed to save {0} to the {1} addressbook, redirecting now."
590msgstr "Gagal menyimpan {0} ke buku alamat {1}, mengalihkan sekarang."
592#: ../java/src/net/i2p/i2ptunnel/localServer/
593msgid "Click here if you are not redirected automatically."
594msgstr "Klik disini jika Anda tidak dialihkan secara otomatis."
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