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1<%@page contentType="text/html"%>
2<%@page pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
3<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
6<%@include file="css.jsi" %>
7<%=intl.title("config service")%>
8<script src="/js/ajax.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
9<%@include file="summaryajax.jsi" %>
10</head><body onload="initAjax()">
12<%@include file="summary.jsi" %>
13<h1><%=intl._("I2P Service Configuration")%></h1>
14<div class="main" id="main">
15 <%@include file="confignav.jsi" %>
17 <jsp:useBean class="net.i2p.router.web.ConfigServiceHandler" id="formhandler" scope="request" />
18 <% formhandler.storeMethod(request.getMethod()); %>
19 <jsp:setProperty name="formhandler" property="*" />
20 <jsp:setProperty name="formhandler" property="contextId" value="<%=(String)session.getAttribute(\"i2p.contextId\")%>" />
21 <jsp:getProperty name="formhandler" property="allMessages" />
22 <div class="configure">
23 <form action="" method="POST">
24 <input type="hidden" name="nonce" value="<jsp:getProperty name="formhandler" property="newNonce" />" >
25 <h3><%=intl._("Shutdown the router")%></h3>
26 <p><%=intl._("Graceful shutdown lets the router satisfy the agreements it has already made before shutting down, but may take a few minutes.")%> 
27    <%=intl._("If you need to kill the router immediately, that option is available as well.")%></p>
28  <hr><div class="formaction">
29 <input type="submit" class="stop" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Shutdown gracefully")%>" >
30 <input type="submit" class="stop" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Shutdown immediately")%>" >
31 <input type="submit" class="cancel" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Cancel graceful shutdown")%>" >
32 </div>
33 <% if (System.getProperty("wrapper.version") != null) { %>
34 <p><%=intl._("If you want the router to restart itself after shutting down, you can choose one of the following.")%> 
35    <%=intl._("This is useful in some situations - for example, if you changed some settings that client applications only read at startup, such as the routerconsole password or the interface it listens on.")%> 
36    <%=intl._("A graceful restart will take a few minutes (but your peers will appreciate your patience), while a hard restart does so immediately.")%> 
37    <%=intl._("After tearing down the router, it will wait 1 minute before starting back up again.")%></p>
38 <hr><div class="formaction">
39 <input type="submit" class="reload" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Graceful restart")%>" >
40 <input type="submit" class="reload" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Hard restart")%>" >
41 <% } %></div>
43 <% if ( (System.getProperty("") != null) && (System.getProperty("").startsWith("Win")) ) { %>
44 <h3><%=intl._("Systray integration")%></h3>
45 <p><%=intl._("On the windows platform, there is a small application to sit in the system tray, allowing you to view the router's status")%> 
46    <%=intl._("(later on, I2P client applications will be able to integrate their own functionality into the system tray as well).")%> 
47    <%=intl._("If you are on windows, you can either enable or disable that icon here.")%></p>
48 <hr><div class="formaction">
49 <input type="submit" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Show systray icon")%>" >
50 <input type="submit" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Hide systray icon")%>" >
51 </div>
52 <h3><%=intl._("Run on startup")%></h3>
53 <p><%=intl._("You can control whether I2P is run on startup or not by selecting one of the following options - I2P will install (or remove) a service accordingly.")%> 
54    <%=intl._("If you prefer the command line, you can also run the ")%> <code>install_i2p_service_winnt.bat</code> (<%=intl._("or")%>
55 <code>uninstall_i2p_service_winnt.bat</code>).</p>
56 <hr><div class="formaction">
57 <input type="submit" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Run I2P on startup")%>" >
58<input type="submit" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Don't run I2P on startup")%>" ></div>
59 <p><b><%=intl._("Note")%>:</b> <%=intl._("If you are running I2P as service right now, removing it will shut down your router immediately.")%> 
60    <%=intl._("You may want to consider shutting down gracefully, as above, then running uninstall_i2p_service_winnt.bat.")%></p>
61 <% } %>
63 <h3><%=intl._("Debugging")%></h3>
64 <p><a href="/jobs"><%=intl._("View the job queue")%></a>
65<% if (System.getProperty("wrapper.version") != null) { %>
66 <p><%=intl._("At times, it may be helpful to debug I2P by getting a thread dump. To do so, please select the following option and review the thread dumped to <a href=\"logs.jsp#servicelogs\">wrapper.log</a>.")%></p>
67  <hr>
68<% } %>
69 <div class="formaction">
70 <input type="submit" class="reload" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Force GC")%>" >
71<% if (System.getProperty("wrapper.version") != null) { %>
72 <input type="submit" class="download" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Dump threads")%>" >
73<% } %>
74 </div>
76 <h3><%=intl._("Launch browser on router startup?")%></h3>
77 <p><%=intl._("I2P's main configuration interface is this web console, so for your convenience I2P can launch a web browser on startup pointing at")%>
78 <a href=""></a> .</p>
79 <hr><div class="formaction">
80 <input type="submit" class="check" name="action" value="<%=intl._("View console on startup")%>" >
81 <input type="submit" class="delete" name="action" value="<%=intl._("Do not view console on startup")%>" >
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