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1<h2>Advanced Router Configuration</h2>
3<p class="infohelp">The router configuration options listed below are not available in the user interface, usually because they are rarely used or provide access to advanced settings that most users will not need. This is not a comprehensive list. Some settings will require a restart of the router to take effect. Note that all settings are case sensitive. You will need to edit your <code>router.config</code> file to add options, or, once you have added <code>routerconsole.advanced=true</code> to the router.config file, you may edit settings within the console on the <a href="/configadvanced">Advanced Configuration page</a>.</p>
5<table id="configinfo"> <!-- sections separated for legibility -->
8<tr><td>When set to true, I2P runs without network connectivity, which is helpful if you are constantly restarting the router to test code updates as this prevents network disruption.</td></tr>
11<tr><td class="infowarn">Only set this to true if you know what you are doing!</td></tr>
12<tr><td>When set to true, additional functionality will be enabled in the console and the user will be able to edit settings directly on the <a href="/configadvanced">Advanced Configuration page</a>. Extra display options are provided in the <a href="/netdb">Network Database section</a>, including the <a href="/netdb?f=3">Sybil Analysis tool</a>, and there are additional configuration options on the <a href="/configclients">Clients Configuration page</a>. This will also enable the installation of unsigned updates, manual configuration of the news URL, and the installation of plugins. You may also wish to enable the "Advanced" sidebar section on the <a href="/configsidebar">Summary Bar Configuration page</a>.</td></tr>
15<tr><td>This setting allows the manual selection of the browser which I2P will launch on startup (if the console is <a href="/configservice#browseronstart">configured</a> to launch a browser on startup), overriding the OS default browser.</td></tr>
18<tr><td>If you wish to install unsigned (.zip) I2P updates, this should be added to your <code>router.config</code> file unless you have already configured <code>routerconsole.advanced=true</code>, in which case this option is already provisioned.</td></tr>
21<tr><td>This setting allows you to configure the update url for the unsigned update feature, if enabled. The url should end with <code>/</code>. Note: do not install unsigned updates unless you trust the source of the update!</td></tr>
24<tr><td>When set to true, this enables plugin installation on the <a href="/configplugins">Plugin Configuration page</a>. Setting <code>routerconsole.advanced=true</code> will also enable this feature. [Enabled by default]</td></tr>
27<tr><td>Plugins signed with the cryptographic key of the developer are the recommended format, but if you wish to install unsigned plugins you can set this to true. Note that you may still encounter issues attempting to install an unsigned plugin if the developer has included additional checks in the plugin build process.</td></tr> 
30<tr><td>When set to true, a configurable search bar will appear on the <a href="/home">console homepage</a>. Additional searches may then be added on the <a href="/confighome">home configuration page</a>.</td></tr>
33<tr><td>Allocate number of processor threads for building tunnels. If your processor supports hyperthreading or simultaneous multithreading, you may multiply the number of processor cores by 2 to get the maximum number of threads to allocate, otherwise number of processor cores = maximum number of threads available. Note that you may wish to allocate less than the theoretical maximum to ensure you have headroom for other tasks.</td></tr>
36<tr><td>When set to true, if your router is serving as a floodfill for the network, your <a href="/configadvanced#ffconf">floodfill participation</a> will be hidden from other routers.</td></tr>
39<tr><td>Determines the maximum number of participating tunnels the router can build. To disable participation completely, set to 0.</td></tr>
42<tr><td>When set to true, the router info files stored in your profile's netDB directory will not be split into 64 sub-directories.
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