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1<h2>Further Assistance</h2>
2<p>If you'd like to help improve or translate the documentation, or help with other aspects of the project, please see the documentation for <a href="http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/get-involved" target="_blank">volunteers.</a></p>
3<p>Further assistance is available here:</p>
4<ul class="links">
5<li class="tidylist"><a href="http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/faq" target="_blank">FAQ on i2p-projekt.i2p</a></li>
6<li class="tidylist"><a href="http://i2pwiki.i2p/" target="_blank">I2PWiki</a></li>
7<li class="tidylist"><a href="http://forum.i2p/" target="_blank">I2P forum</a></li></ul>
8<p>You may also try <a href="http://zzz.i2p" target="_blank">zzz's developer forum</a>,
9or <a href="irc://">I2P's IRC network</a>.</p>
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