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first pass at the 0.4 architecture. not ready for use or integration yet, but is functional with some manual build/config work

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1The routerconsole application is an embedable web server / servlet container.
2In it there is a bundled routerconsole.war containing JSPs (per jsp/*) that
3implement a web based control panel for the router.  This console gives the user
4a quick view into how their router is operating and exposes some pages to
5configure it.
7The web server itself is Jetty [1] and is contained within the various jar files
8under lib/.  To embed this web server and the included router console, the
9startRouter script needs to be updated to include those jar files in the
10class path, plus the router.config needs appropriate entries to start up the
13  clientApp.3.main=net.i2p.router.web.RouterConsoleRunner
15  clientApp.3.args=7657 ./webapps/
17That instructs the router to fire up the webserver listening on port 7657 on
18all of its interfaces (, loading up any .war files under the ./webapps/
19directory.  The RouterConsoleRunner itself configures the Jetty server to give
20the ./webapps/routerconsole.war control over the root context, directing a
21request to http://localhost:7657/index.jsp to the routerconsole.war's index.jsp.
22Any other .war file will be mounted under their filename's context (e.g.
23myi2p.war would be reachable at http://localhost:7657/myi2p/index.jsp).
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