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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
addressbook e64ad7c   20 months zzz More findbugs all over
admin 03de374   4 years str4d Project files for IntelliJ IDEA
apparmor 9ba5ad7   4 years killyourtv's backup acct Remove 'l' from example apparmor profile
BOB 7c5162e   16 months zzz I2CP: Move the port 7654 definition
desktopgui ebcf187   15 months zzz Pull translations
i2pcontrol 19cb85a   14 months zzz i2pcontrol: Javadoc fixes
i2psnark a57c277   13 months zzz Pull translations
i2ptunnel e967b26   12 months zab2 update javadoc
imagegen 2aceca5   2 years zzz Console: Add error handler to all webapps (ticket #2155) Fix up …
jetty e70a2c7   12 months str4d Update Jetty and Tomcat versions in Gradle build scripts
jrobin e68182a   18 months zzz Build: Provide option to prevent Class-Path in manifests (ticket #2317)
ministreaming 7c71ff1   12 months str4d Tests: Fix ministreaming tests after access filtering changes
proxyscript eae86f5   16 years zzz Updates by cervantes: * Proxy recursion disabled by default …
routerconsole ca0f127   12 months zzz New backup news server
sam d3170de   12 months zzz SAM prep for b33
streaming 9e0934f   12 months str4d Build: Fix titles in ministreaming and streaming JAR manifests
susidns ce043943   13 months zzz SusiDNS: Add import feature (ticket #2447) Box overlap issue remains …
susimail a57c277   13 months zzz Pull translations
systray 9738db7   16 months zzz UrlLauncher?: - Use arrays for exec - Randomize temp file name - …
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