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imported Iakin's public domain jcpuid library allowing the detection of CPU types from java
imported Iakin's modifications to jbigi to use the jcpuid library in detecting what jbigi implementation to load
imported and slightly updated Iakin's scripts to build jbigi for lots of architectures
(yay iakin!)

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1Prior to building the jbigi library, you will need to fetch the GMP source
2from, saving it to jbigi/gmp-4.1.3.tar.bz2 (it will
3be unpacked and built as necessary).
5To build the native jbigi and jcpuid libraries for the current host CPU,
6simply run sh and the results will be packaged up into jbigi.jar
8To build the native jbigi libraries for all supported CPUs (on the current OS),
9go into jbigi/ and run (the results will be under jbigi/lib/)
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