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  • JBigI:
    • Replace old non-PIC 62-bit linux libs (GMP 4.1.4 built in 2005) with PIC libs built with GMP 5.0.2. License is LGPLv3. Built by sponge with GCC 4.4.4, downloaded from http://sponge.i2p/files/jbigi/gmp-5.0.2/ For 64-bit processors, both performance testing and the GMP changelog led us to use 5.0.2 for both the 32- and 64-bit versions, even though the files are twice as big. See http://zzz.i2p/topics/306 for discussion and test results. was a 64 bit file; by the new naming standard supported by NativeBigInteger?, it is now a 32-bit file and the 64-bit one is All new 64-bit libs will have _64 appended.
    • Update build docs
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1***net.i2p.util.NativeBigInteger, native part of the code****
3See ../README for instructions.
5Execute the script to produce jbigi library files optimized for a number of different CPU-types.
7TODO: What is jbigi
8TODO: Document generated folder structure
11Linux-specific information:
13Some linux distributions comes bundled with GMP.
14Try 'locate lib/' to see.
15If so, install the the libgmp3-dev debian package to get the libgmp headers.
16Then export I2P=/path/to/your/i2p/install.
17Then do ' dynamic'. This will do a quick build using your installed libgmp library
18and then test it and the jbigi in your I2P installation to see which is faster.
20If the new jbigi is slower, then run '' (without the 'dynamic'), which will download
21the libgmp library, build, and test that.
24Windows-specific information:
26The best way of building the jbigi dll's is to install Mingw {URL} and msys {URL}.
27The combination of these two should be able to run the included build-scripts without modifications.
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