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  • Add support for with-libtomcat8-java but not with-libjetty9-java for wheezy/jessie
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1The files in ../debian/ are for stretch.
2You may also use them for jessie if you have libjetty9-java from jessie-backports.
4Alternates are in the subdirectories here.
5To use them, copy them over the files in ../debian/  .
7Built file compatibility:
8trusty may be copied to vivid.
9trusty may be used for jessie without libjetty9-java from backports.
10xenial may be copied to yakkety, zesty.
12tails-jessie and tails-wheezy are currently the same as
13jessie and wheezy, respectively. If they diverge, put the changes here.
15Note on systemd:
17# 'dh $@ --with systemd' needs dh-systemd which isn't available in Wheezy (except from backports),
18# and is only Ubuntu as of "Saucy". The official packages will enable this for Debian unstable and
19# Ubuntu Saucy (and newer)
21Through release 0.9.25, the debian/ directory was not current for the release;
22any changes required for the build were checked in after the release.
23Starting with release 0.9.26, we will attempt to test debian builds
24before the release, and check in any required changes to debian/
25and debian-alt/ before the release, so that the files
26may actually be used to build the release.
28See additional documentation in the doc/ directory.
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