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Add dependency on libjetty8-java and libservlet3.0-java packages
Remove those binaries in debian builds
Prep for dependency on libservlet2.5-java package
Prep for dependency on libtomcat6-java package
Prep for dependency on libtomcat7-java package
Prep for dependency on libjakarta-taglibs-standard-java package
Prep for dependency on libjstl1.1-java package
Add build properties for building with packages
Rework of apps/jetty/build.xml for building with packages
Redefine debian/ as the files for the jessie build
Make debian-alt directories for ubuntu builds
Move debian/changelog to debian-alt/trusty/changelog
Move debian-alt/jessie/changelog to debian/changelog
Add apps/jetty/jettylib/jsp-api.jar to classpath for jsp builds

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1The files in ../debian/ are for jessie/stable.
2Alternates are in the subdirectories here.
4trusty may be copied to utopic and vivid.
5They do not have libjetty8-java.
6wily has libjetty8-java.
8tails-jessie and tails-wheezy are currently the same as
9jessie and wheezy, respectively. If they diverge, put the changes here.
11Note on systemd:
13# 'dh $@ --with systemd' needs dh-systemd which isn't available in Wheezy (except from backports),
14# and is only Ubuntu as of "Saucy". The official packages will enable this for Debian unstable and
15# Ubuntu Saucy (and newer)
17Through release 0.9.25, the debian/ directory was not current for the release;
18any changes required for the build were checked in after the release.
19Starting with release 0.9.26, we will attempt to test debian builds
20before the release, and check in any required changes to debian/
21and debian-alt/ before the release, so that the files
22may actually be used to build the release.
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