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1To build a release:
3Make sure workspace revision matches what you want to release.
5# Make the source tarball
6# only if you didn't already do it for launchpad!
7# Otherwise make sure the i2p-0.9.xx.orig.tar.bz2 file is
8# in the dir above the source directory, and skip to next step
9ant debian-release-tarball
11# Following instructions (and filenames) are for unstable.
12# Repeat for each target.
14# Go to the source directory created by ant debian-release-tarball
15# Fix up the changelog
16cd i2p_0.9.xx-x-xxxxxxxx/
17ant debchange
18vi debian/changelog
19   change i2p_0.9.xx-x-xxxxxxxx-1 to i2p_0.9.xx-1
20   change UNRELEASED to unstable
21   change comment to "New upstream version 0.9.xx"
22   fix your name and email
23# fix up the control and rules files as necessary
24# fix up the patches/ files as necessary
26# build the binary packages:
27ant debian-binary
28This will make the following files in .:
29  i2p-doc_0.9.xx-1_all.deb
30  i2p-router_0.9.xx-1_all.deb
31  i2p_0.9.xx-1_all.deb
32  libjbigi-jni_0.9.xx-1_amd64.deb
33Note that you won't have a libjbigi-jni_0.9.xx-1_i386.deb file,
34or one for any other architecture. Oh well.
36# build the source package, which will be in ..
37# do gpg --list-keys to find your subkey id
38debuild -S -sa -kYOURSUBKEYID
39  (note: no space allowed in -kkeyid)
40This will make the following files in ..:
41  i2p_0.9.XX-1.dsc            (the GPG signature)
42  i2p_0.9.XX-1.debian.tar.xz  (basically the debian/ directory tarball)
43  i2p_0.9.XX-1_source.changes (the changelog text file)
44# now do the same for jessie and wheezy and precise
46# scp the following files to the reprepro server:
47  i2p_0.9.XX-1.dsc            (the GPG signature)
48  i2p_0.9.XX-1.tar.xz  (basically the debian/ directory tarball)
49  i2p_0.9.XX-1_source.changes (the changelog text file)
50  i2p_0.9.XX.orig.tar.bz2            (the source tarball)
51  i2p-doc_0.9.xx-1_all.deb           (docs)
52  i2p-router_0.9.xx-1_all.deb        (binary)
53  i2p_0.9.xx-1_all.deb               (top-level package)
54  libjbigi-jni_0.9.xx-1_amd64.deb    (binary)
57ssh to reprepro server
58sudo su kytv (he owns the reprepro directories)
60reprepro includedeb unstable i2p-doc_0.9.xx-1_all.deb
61reprepro includedeb unstable i2p-router_0.9.xx-1_all.deb
62reprepro includedeb unstable i2p_0.9.xx-1_all.deb
63reprepro includedeb unstable libjbigi-jni_0.9.xx-1_amd64.deb
64# if you already got the source from launchpad
65# with reprepro update, skip this?
66reprepro includedsc unstable i2p_0.9.XX-1.dsc
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