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Debian: Updates from the 0.9.24 release, including patch refresh, not checked in at the time.
Cherry-picked out of
The files in
are somewhat different.
Note that some files out of that tarball are apparently older than what is in our debian/
directory and were not copied over.
Some of the changes may be for Ubuntu and will not work for Debian.
Kytv may have had a local debian/ directory for Ubuntu builds that was not checked in anywhere.
Untested. Another patch refresh for 0.9.25 may be required.
To be fixed up after the 0.9.25 release.

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1i2p (0.8.6-5) stable; urgency=low
3  The file /etc/i2p/wrapper.service is no longer shipped in this package.
4  Instead the file /etc/i2p/wrapper.config is used with the changes that used to
5  be in wrapper.service have been moved to the initscript. If you have changed
6  the amount of memory set aside for I2P, you'll need to make that change to
7  /etc/i2p/wrapper.config.
9  The I2P router is now split into four different packages: i2p, i2p-doc,
10  i2p-router, and libjbigi.
12 -- Kill Your TV <>  Wed, 25 May 2011 20:46:49 +0000
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