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Reorganize the Debian directory structure to conform to their packaging policy. This brings the number of Lintian errors+warning
s down from 383 to 16.

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1This sets up a binary package with the following:
3- A new user i2psvc (a lot of people already have an i2p user)
4- i2psvc home is /var/lib/i2p
5- $I2P is /usr/share/i2p, owned by i2psvc
6- i2psvc router directory is /var/lib/i2p/i2p-config (hack in
7- i2p daemon script in /etc/init.d/i2p
8- i2prouter and eepget scripts in /usr/bin for other users to run it
9- Users other than i2psvc cannot update via i2p, as they don't have
10  write permissions in $I2P
11- Configured temp directory is /tmp
12- linux and linux64 (i386) wrapper libs only
17- Remove lib/jbigi.jar, just build and include dynamic libjbigi
18  and the linux libjcpuid (and add dependency on libgmp)
19- Initial router.config for i2psvc (without confusing i2p that
20  the router directory already exists):
21  * Disable browser launch at startup
22  * Move i2psnark dir, eepsite dir, log dir, etc. up one level
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