source: debian/compat

Last change on this file was 30b9f06, checked in by zzz <zzz@…>, 3 years ago

Debian: Backport fixes from 0.9.30-4 package (ticket #2027)
and add buster files

  • debian/NEWS: remove
  • debian/README.Debian: update
  • debian/compat: set compat level to 9.
  • debian/control: added ${misc:Depends} to i2p & libjbigi-jni's Dep.
  • debian/control: added bash-completion build dep
  • debian/control: remove version on lsb-base dep
  • debian/rules: fixed a typo (override_dh_dhlibdeps → override_dh_shlibdeps).
  • debian/rules: remove apps/susidns/src/lib/standard.jar symlink on clean.
  • debian/i2p.postinst: Fixed a typo (missing ")" in /etc/default/i2p).
  • Property mode set to 100644
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