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Debian builds:

  • Remove with-libtomcat6-java and with-libtomcat7-java
  • Replace with-libjetty8-java with-libjetty9-java
  • Add libtomcat8-java dependency in debian builds
  • Change libservlet-3.0-java implicit dependency to libservlet-3.1-java
  • Initial mods for trusty build files, as it does not have jetty 9
  • Initial xenial build files
  • Add link to jetty9-apache-jsp.jar
  • Add necessary util jars to jsp classpath

Non-Debian builds:

  • Move tomcat runtime from javax.servlet.jar to jasper-runtime.jar, to be consistent with Jetty 8
  • Switch from jetty (glassfish) to apache (tomcat) jsp implementation, to be consistent with Debian builds
  • Drop checked-in Tomcat 6 and Jetty 8 jars


  • Force Jasper initialization in RouterConsoleRunner? since we don't use the Jetty annotation scanner
  • Property mode set to 100644
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1# history.txt is installed to /usr/share/i2p because
2# it's shown in the router console at
3# (this is also why I don't use dh_installchangelogs -k for it)
4history.txt usr/share/i2p
6pkg-temp/blocklist.txt usr/share/i2p
7pkg-temp/certificates usr/share/i2p
8pkg-temp/clients.config usr/share/i2p
9pkg-temp/docs usr/share/i2p/
10pkg-temp/eepget usr/bin
11pkg-temp/eepsite usr/share/i2p
12pkg-temp/geoip usr/share/i2p
13pkg-temp/hosts.txt usr/share/i2p
14pkg-temp/i2prouter-nowrapper usr/bin
15pkg-temp/i2psnark.config usr/share/i2p
16pkg-temp/i2ptunnel.config usr/share/i2p
17pkg-temp/router.config usr/share/i2p
18pkg-temp/systray.config usr/share/i2p
19pkg-temp/webapps usr/share/i2p
22pkg-temp/lib/BOB.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
23pkg-temp/lib/desktopgui.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
24pkg-temp/lib/i2p.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
25pkg-temp/lib/i2psnark.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
26pkg-temp/lib/i2ptunnel.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
27pkg-temp/lib/jetty-i2p.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
28pkg-temp/lib/jrobin.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
29pkg-temp/lib/mstreaming.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
30pkg-temp/lib/routerconsole.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
31pkg-temp/lib/router.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
32pkg-temp/lib/sam.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
33pkg-temp/lib/streaming.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
34pkg-temp/lib/systray.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
37# uncomment if not building with libjetty9-java
38# ubuntu: in trusty vivid wily xenial
39# debian: in wheezy jessie stretch sid
40#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-continuation.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
41#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-deploy.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
42#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-http.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
43#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-io.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
44#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-rewrite-handler.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
45#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-security.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
46#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-servlet.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
47#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-servlets.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
48#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-start.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
49#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-util.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
50#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-webapp.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
51#pkg-temp/lib/jetty-xml.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
52#pkg-temp/lib/org.mortbay.jetty.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
53#pkg-temp/lib/org.mortbay.jmx.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
54# following two are from libservlet3.0-java which is a dependency of libjetty9-java
55#pkg-temp/lib/javax.servlet.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
58# uncomment if not building with libtomcat8-java
59pkg-temp/lib/commons-el.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
60# legacy name, contains only tomcat-juli, not commons-logging
61pkg-temp/lib/commons-logging.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
62pkg-temp/lib/jasper-runtime.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
65# uncomment if not building with either glassfish-javaee or libjakarta-taglibs-standard-java
66# ubuntu and debian: everywhere
67# glassfish-javaee.jar has ancient and conflicting classes, e.g. javax.mail
68pkg-temp/lib/jstl.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
71# uncomment if not building with either glassfish-javaee or libjstl1.1-java
72# ubuntu and debian: everywhere
73#pkg-temp/lib/standard.jar usr/share/i2p/lib
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