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Debian: Creating a new fourth package by splitting the i2p package in two

This commit splits the i2p package into a second package, i2p-router.

  • The new 'i2p-router' package does not depend on the java-wrapper nor jbigi. Jbigi is recommended. This package can be installed on the ports or distributions that the java-wrapper is not available for.
  • The new 'i2p' package depends on i2p-router, libjbigi-jni, and the java-wrapper. This package will add the i2psvc system user and the initscript. Existing users of the i2p package will have the i2p-router package pulled in automatically and for them there will be no usability changes.

Executive summary: No functionality changes will take place for either those

that installed the i2p package in the past or those that
install the newly split i2p package. For them, "The Song
Remains the Same."

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 653 bytes
1var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/blocklist.txt etc/i2p/blocklist.txt
2var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/bob.config etc/i2p/bob.config
3var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/clients.config etc/i2p/clients.config
4var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/hosts.txt etc/i2p/hosts.txt
5var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/i2psnark.config etc/i2p/i2psnark.config
6var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/i2ptunnel.config etc/i2p/i2ptunnel.config
7var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/eepsite/jetty.xml etc/i2p/jetty.xml
8var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/plugins.config etc/i2p/plugins.config
9var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/router.config etc/i2p/router.config
10var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/systray.config etc/i2p/systray.config
11var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/webapps.config etc/i2p/webapps.config
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