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Debconf: clarify account existence warning

In the forums, someone thought the i2psvc account needed to be pre-existing;
therefore, I'll try to make it clearer.

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1##Template: i2p/stop_running_router
2##Type: boolean
3##Default: false
4##_Description: Automatically stop I2P when there are upgrades?
5## To update this package the I2P router will need to be restarted.
6## Any activity on the I2P network will be briefly interrupted
7## during the upgrade.
9Template: i2p/daemon
10Type: boolean
11Default: false
12_Description: Should the I2P router be started at boot?
13 The I2P router can be run as a daemon that starts automatically
14 when your computer boots up. This is the recommended configuration.
16Template: i2p/user
17Type: string
18Default: i2psvc
19_Description: I2P daemon user:
20 By default I2P is configured to run under the account i2psvc when running
21 as a daemon. To use an **existing** I2P profile you may enter a different
22 account name here. For example, if your previous I2P installation is at
23 /home/user/i2p, you may enter 'user' here.
24 .
25 Very important: If a user other than the default of 'i2psvc' is entered
26 here, the chosen username *MUST* already exist.
28Template: i2p/memory
29Type: string
30Default: 128
31_Description: Memory that can be allocated to I2P:
32 By default, I2P will only be allowed to use up to 128MB of RAM.
33 .
34 High bandwidth routers, as well as routers with a lot of active torrents / plugins, may
35 need to have this value increased.
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