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1# Readme for hacking on the source
3## Build systems
4The build system of I2P today is a bit mixed.
5In the old days, and at least for relasing we actually use
6the old `ant` tool. For the new Browser Bundle launcher, as
7well as the Mac OSX launcher the `sbt` tool from the Scala
8world was used cause it gives some increadibly effictive plugins
9and logic to build them while keeping a relation to the old build
12We also have Gradle partly implemented, much work, but not all. Meeh
13which is writing this readme is guessing we'll end up with a combination
14of Gradle and SBT in the end when we know what kind of structure we want.
17## Browsing around the source code
19If you're new at this, which we all was at one point, I'll have some tips.
21* Check out our []( to learn ore
22about where you'll find I2P's different parts in the codebase.
24* For me (Meeh), it worked well to run `find . -type f -name '*'`
25from the source tree root, and take a look at the files that get listed. A lot
26of hints of how this is peaced together lies there.
29## The .. Monotone part
31Check out []( file.
33## SBT Behind proxy
35Seems it's a hassle behind SOCKSv5. But for use of HTTP proxy to fetch
36dependencies and such, please edit `export SBT_OPTS="$SBT_OPTS -Dhttp.proxyHost=myproxy-Dhttp.proxyPort=myport"`
37to have correct values for your system, then execute it before you start SBT.
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