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  • Remove redundant labels and spans for keyaccess
  • Edit Server:
    • Shift Local Destination / Private Key file to share table row
      • Reduces spread of Local Destination textarea
    • Move "Use SSL to connect to target" to Target Port column
  • Add translation tagging for title tags
  • Remove redundant title tags and provide enhanced strings for features that benefit from clarification
  • Move title tags to <label> where applicable
  • Fixed Cancel button on registration so it now jumps back to the list page
  • textareas for registration page and local destination on edit server page changed to divs
    • Scrollbars hidden until mouseover, 1 click to select content
    • Responsive width, tabindex="0"
      • Fixes text breaking out of textarea bounding box issue in chrome/blink
  • Fix overflow issue on select dropdowns (edit server/client → tunnel options) in Chrome / Blink
  • More generous vertical padding for th (responsive)
  • Larger h2/h3s (responsive)
  • Increase spacing between panels in iframe mode
  • Property mode set to 100644
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