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Console sidebar improvements


  • Adjust vertical spacing of general section
  • Rename 'General' section to 'Router Info' and move ident info to h3 tooltip (ticket #1996)
  • Replace 'Short Router Info' with a new 'Advanced Router Info' section in default advanced sidebar (adds memory usage and clock skew)
  • Add optional embedded bandwidth graph (experimental)
  • Add optional memory usage bar
  • Add optional Advanced Peers section (adds failing and banned peers)
  • Add Help link to 'I2P Internals' section
  • Add help page anchored links and troubleshooting to 'Help & FAQ' section
  • Add download progress bar for router and plugin updates
  • Add 'Advanced Minimal' sidebar configuration
  • Add Jobs and Events links to Advanced section
  • Add additional reachability states for clockskew and vmcomm (with icons)

Homepage: Add 'Customize Sidebar' link to signpost the feature now that there

are more optional sections available (ticket #1996)

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