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Theme updates


  • light:
    • Lighten/tint buttons and dropdowns to better blend with reworked theme, vary text color for different button states
    • Increase vertical spacing for status/buttons in news section
    • Fix minor rendering issue with h1's (remove bottom border-radius)
    • Fix some mismatched heading coloring issues
    • Fix alignment issue on /configservice in Arabic/Chinese? (ticket #2024)
    • Ensure spacing of sidebar elements is consistent in Chinese
  • dark: Overhaul theme
  • classic: Add fallback CSS to ensure browsers without CSS3 support can display icons on buttons (tested with Netsurf)

Proxy: Remove truncation of URLs in the error messages and handle with CSS to

avoid UI breakage


  • Add button hoverstate for tracker details, torrent details and file icons
  • light
    • Sync buttons in embedded mode with console theme
    • Fix non-functioning message log close icon
  • dark: Overhaul theme and sync with console theme in embedded mode
  • classic: refresh CSS


  • Overhaul dark theme
  • Sync theme to console theme by default, override if user sets theme (unless universal themeing is enabled)
  • Property mode set to 100644
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