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2005-08-17 jrandom

  • Revise the SSU peer testing protocol so that Bob verifies Charlie's viability before agreeing to Alice's request. This doesn't work with older SSU peer test builds, but is backwards compatible (older nodes won't ask newer nodes to participate in tests, and newer nodes won't ask older nodes to either).
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1$Id: history.txt,v 1.226 2005/08/12 18:54:47 jrandom Exp $
32005-08-17  jrandom
4    * Revise the SSU peer testing protocol so that Bob verifies Charlie's
5      viability before agreeing to Alice's request.  This doesn't work with
6      older SSU peer test builds, but is backwards compatible (older nodes
7      won't ask newer nodes to participate in tests, and newer nodes won't
8      ask older nodes to either).
102005-08-12  jrandom
11    * Keep detailed stats on the peer testing, publishing the results in the
12      netDb.
13    * Don't overwrite the status with 'unknown' unless we haven't had a valid
14      status in a while.
15    * Make sure to avoid shitlisted peers for peer testing.
16    * When we get an unknown result to a peer test, try again soon afterwards.
17    * When a peer tells us that our address is different from what we expect,
18      if we've done a recent peer test with a result of OK, fire off a peer
19      test to make sure our IP/port is still valid.  If our test is old or the
20      result was not OK, accept their suggestion, but queue up a peer test for
21      later.
22    * Don't try to do a netDb store to a shitlisted peer, and adjust the way
23      we monitor netDb store progress (to clear up the high netDb.storePeers
24      stat)
262005-08-10  jrandom
27    * Deployed the peer testing implementation to be run every few minutes on
28      each router, as well as any time the user requests a test manually.  The
29      tests do not reconfigure the ports at the moment, merely determine under
30      what conditions the local router is reachable.  The status shown in the
31      top left will be "ERR-SymmetricNAT" if the user's IP and port show up
32      differently for different peers, "ERR-Reject" if the router cannot
33      receive unsolicited packets or the peer helping test could not find a 
34      collaborator, "Unknown" if the test has not been run or the test
35      participants were unreachable, or "OK" if the router can receive
36      unsolicited connections and those connections use the same IP and port.
38* 2005-08-08 released
402005-08-08  jrandom
41    * Add a configurable throttle to the number of concurrent outbound SSU
42      connection negotiations (via i2np.udp.maxConcurrentEstablish=4).  This
43      may help those with slow connections to get integrated at the start.
44    * Further fixlets to the streaming lib
462005-08-07  Complication
47    * Display the average clock skew for both SSU and TCP connections
492005-08-07  jrandom
50    * Fixed the long standing streaming lib bug where we could lose the first
51      packet on retransmission.
52    * Avoid an NPE when a message expires on the SSU queue.
53    * Adjust the streaming lib's window growth factor with an additional
54      Vegas-esque congestion detection algorithm.
55    * Removed an unnecessary SSU session drop
56    * Reduced the MTU (until we get a working PMTU lib)
57    * Deferr tunnel acceptance until we know how to reach the next hop,
58      rejecting it if we can't find them in time.
59    * If our netDb store of our leaseSet fails, give it a few seconds before
60      republishing.
62* 2005-08-03 released
642005-08-03  jrandom
65    * Backed out an inadvertant change to the netDb store redundancy factor.
66    * Verify tunnel participant caching.
67    * Logging cleanup
692005-08-01  duck
70    * Update IzPack to 3.7.2 (build 2005.04.22). This fixes bug #82.
722005-08-01  duck
73    * Fix an addressbook NPE when a new hostname from the master addressbook
74      didn't exist in the router addressbook.
75    * Fix an addressbook bug which caused subscriptions not to be parsed at
76      all. (Oops!)
782005-07-31  jrandom
79    * Adjust the netDb search and store per peer timeouts to match the average
80      measured per peer success times, rather than huge fixed values.
81    * Optimized and reverified the netDb peer selection / retrieval process
82      within the kbuckets.
83    * Drop TCP connections that don't have any useful activity in 10 minutes.
84    * If i2np.udp.fixedPort=true, never change the externally published port,
85      even if we are autodetecting the IP address.
87* 2005-07-27  0.6 released
892005-07-27  jrandom
90    * Enabled SSU as the default top priority transport, adjusting the
91      config.jsp page accordingly.
92    * Add verification fields to the SSU and TCP connection negotiation (not
93      compatible with previous builds)
94    * Enable the backwards incompatible tunnel crypto change as documented in
95      tunnel-alt.html (have each hop encrypt the received IV before using it,
96      then encrypt it again before sending it on)
97    * Disable the I2CP encryption, leaving in place the end to end garlic
98      encryption (another backwards incompatible change)
99    * Adjust the protocol versions on the TCP and SSU transports so that they
100      won't talk to older routers.
101    * Fix up the config stats handling again
102    * Fix a rare off-by-one in the SSU fragmentation
103    * Reduce some unnecessary netDb resending by inluding the peers queried
104      successfully in the store redundancy count.
1062005-07-22  jrandom
107    * Use the small thread pool for I2PTunnelHTTPServer (already used for
108      I2PTunnelServer)
109    * Minor memory churn reduction in I2CP
110    * Small stats update
1122005-07-21  jrandom
113    * Fix in the SDK for a bug which would manifest itself as misrouted
114      streaming packets when a destination has many concurrent streaming
115      connections (thanks duck!)
116    * No more "Graceful shutdown in -18140121441141s"
1182005-07-20  jrandom
119    * Allow the user to specify an external port # for SSU even if the external
120      host isn't specified (thanks duck!)
1222005-07-19  jrandom
123    * Further preparation for removing I2CP crypto
124    * Added some validation to the DH key agreement (thanks $anon)
125    * Validate tunnel data message expirations (though not really a problem,
126      since tunnels expire)
127    * Minor PRNG threading cleanup
1292005-07-15  cervantes
130    * Added workaround for an odd win32 bug in the stats configuration console
131      page which meant only the first checkbox selection was saved.
1332005-07-15  Romster
134    * Added per group selection toggles in the stats configuration console
135      page.
1372005-07-13  jrandom
138    * Fixed a recently injected bug in the multitransport bidding which had
139      allowed an essentially arbitrary choice of transports, rather than the
140      properly ordered choice.
1422005-07-13  jrandom
143    * Fixed a long standing bug where we weren't properly comparing session
144      tags but instead largely depending upon comparing their hashCode,
145      causing intermittent decryption errors.
1472005-07-12  jrandom
148    * Add some data duplication to avoid a recently injected concurrency
149      problem in the session tag manager (thanks redzara and romster).
1512005-07-11  jrandom
152    * Reduced the growth factor on the slow start and congestion avoidance for
153      the streaming lib.
154    * Adjusted some of the I2PTunnelServer threading to use a small pool of
155      handlers, rather than launching off new threads which then immediately
156      launch off an I2PTunnelRunner instance (which launches 3 more threads..)
157    * Don't persist session keys / session tags (not worth it, for now)
158    * Added some detection and handling code for duplicate session tags being
159      delivered (root cause still not addressed)
160    * Make the PRNG's buffer size configurable (via the config property
161      "i2p.prng.totalBufferSizeKB=4096")
162    * Disable SSU flooding by default (duh)
163    * Updates to the StreamSink apps for better throttling tests.
1652005-07-05  jrandom
166    * Use a buffered PRNG, pulling the PRNG data off a larger precalculated
167      buffer, rather than the underlying PRNG's (likely small) one, which in
168      turn reduces the frequency of recalcing.
169    * More tuning to reduce temporary allocation churn
1712005-07-04  jrandom
172    * Within the tunnel, use xor(IV, msg[0:16]) as the flag to detect dups,
173      rather than the IV by itself, preventing an attack that would let
174      colluding internal adversaries tag a message to determine that they are
175      in the same tunnel.  Thanks dvorak for the catch!
176    * Drop long inactive profiles on startup and shutdown
177    * /configstats.jsp: web interface to pick what stats to log
178    * Deliver more session tags to account for wider window sizes
179    * Cache some intermediate values in our HMACSHA256 and BC's HMAC
180    * Track the client send rate (stream.sendBps and client.sendBpsRaw)
181    * UrlLauncher: adjust the browser selection order
182    * I2PAppContext: hooks for dummy HMACSHA256 and a weak PRNG
183    * StreamSinkClient: add support for sending an unlimited amount of data
184    * Migrate the tests out of the default build jars
1862005-06-22  Comwiz
187    * Migrate the core tests to junit
1892005-05-25  duck
190    * Fixed PRNG bug (bugzilla #107)
1922005-05-01  jrandom
193    * Added a substantial optimization to the AES engine by caching the
194      prepared session keys (duh).
1962005-05-01  jrandom
197    * Cleaned up the peers page a bit more.
1992005-04-30  jrandom
200    * Added a small new page to the web console (/peers.jsp) which contains
201      the peer connection information.  This will be cleaned up a lot more
202      before 0.6 is out, but its a start.
2042005-04-30  jrandom
205    * Reduced some SimpleTimer churn
2072005-04-29  jrandom
208    * Reduce the peer profile stat coallesce overhead by inlining it with the
209      reorganize.
210    * Limit each transport to at most one address (any transport that requires
211      multiple entry points can include those alternatives in the address).
2132005-04-28  jrandom
214    * More fixes for the I2PTunnel "other" interface handling (thanks nelgin!)
215    * Add back the code to handle bids from multiple transports (though there
216      is still only one transport enabled by default)
217    * Adjust the router's queueing of outbound client messages when under
218      heavy load by running the preparatory job in the client's I2CP handler
219      thread, thereby blocking additional outbound messages when the router is
220      hosed.
221    * No need to validate or persist a netDb entry if we already have it
2232005-04-25  smeghead
224    * Added button to router console for manual update checks.
225    * Fixed bug in configupdate.jsp that caused the proxy port to be updated
226      every time the form was submitted even if it hadn't changed.
2282005-04-24  jrandom
229    * Added a pool of PRNGs using a different synchronization technique,
230      hopefully sufficient to work around IBM's PRNG bugs until we get our
231      own Fortuna.
232    * In the streaming lib, don't jack up the RTT on NACK, and have the window
233      size bound the not-yet-ready messages to the peer, not the unacked
234      message count (not sure yet whether this is worthwile).
235    * Many additions to the messageHistory log.
236    * Handle out of order tunnel fragment delivery (not an issue on the live
237      net with TCP, but critical with UDP).
239* 2005-04-20 released
2412005-04-20  jrandom
242    * In the SDK, we don't actually need to block when we're sending a message
243      as BestEffort (and these days, we're always sending BestEffort).
244    * Pass out client messages in fewer (larger) steps.
245    * Have the InNetMessagePool short circuit dispatch requests.
246    * Have the message validator take into account expiration to cut down on
247      false positives at high transfer rates.
248    * Allow configuration of the probabalistic window size growth rate in the
249      streaming lib's slow start and congestion avoidance phases, and default
250      them to a more conservative value (2), rather than the previous value
251      (1).
252    * Reduce the ack delay in the streaming lib to 500ms
253    * Honor choke requests in the streaming lib (only affects those getting
254      insanely high transfer rates)
255    * Let the user specify an interface besides or on the
256      I2PTunnel client page (thanks maestro^!)
2582005-04-17  sirup
259    * Added the possibility for i2ptunnel client and httpclient instances to
260      have their own i2p session (and hence, destination and tunnels).  By
261      default, tunnels are shared, but that can be changed on the web
262      interface or with the sharedClient config option in i2ptunnel.config.
2642005-04-17  jrandom
265    * Marked the net.i2p.i2ptunnel.TunnelManager as deprecated.  Anyone use
266      this?  If not, I want to drop it (lots of tiny details with lots of
267      duplicated semantics).
2692005-04-17  zzz
270    * Added new user-editable eepproxy error page templates.
2722005-04-17  jrandom
273    * Revamp the tunnel building throttles, fixing a situation where the
274      rebuild may not recover, and defaulting it to unthrottled (users with
275      slow CPUs may want to set "router.tunnel.shouldThrottle=true" in their
276      advanced router config)
2782005-04-16  jrandom
279    * Migrated to Bouncycastle's SHA256 and HMAC implementations for efficiency
2812005-04-12  jrandom
282    * Make sure we don't get cached updates (thanks smeghead!)
283    * Clear out the callback for the TestJob after it passes (only affects the
284      job timing accounting)
2862005-04-08  smeghead
287    * Added NativeBigInteger benchmark to scripts/
2892005-04-08  smeghead
290    * Security improvements to TrustedUpdate: signing and verification of the
291      version string along with the data payload for signed update files
292      (consequently the positions of the DSA signature and version string fields
293      have been swapped in the spec for the update file's header); router will
294      no longer perform a trusted update if the signed update's version is lower
295      than or equal to the currently running router's version.
296    * Added two new CLI commands to TrustedUpdate: showversion, verifyupdate.
297    * Extended TrustedUpdate public API for use by third party applications.
299* 2005-04-06 released
3012005-04-05  jrandom
302    * Retry I2PTunnel startup if we are unable to build a socketManager for a
303      client or httpclient tunnel.
304    * Add some basic sanity checking on the I2CP settings (thanks duck!)
3062005-04-05  jrandom
307    * After a successfull netDb search for a leaseSet, republish it to all of
308      the peers we have tried so far who did not give us the key (up to 10),
309      rather than the old K closest (which may include peers who had given us
310      the key)
311    * Don't wait 5 minutes to publish a leaseSet (duh!), and rather than
312      republish it every 5 minutes, republish it every 3.  In addition, always
313      republish as soon as the leaseSet changes (duh^2).
314    * Minor fix for oddball startup race (thanks travis_bickle!)
315    * Minor AES update to allow in-place decryption.
3172005-04-03  jrandom
318    * EepGet fix for open-ended HTTP fetches (such as the news.xml
319      feeding the NewsFetcher)
3212005-04-01  jrandom
322    * Allow editing I2PTunnel server instances with five digit ports
323      (thanks nickless_head!)
324    * More NewsFetcher debugging for reported weirdness
3262005-04-01  jrandom
327    * Fix to check for missing news file (thanks smeghead!)
328    * Added destination display CLI:
329      java -cp lib/i2p.jar privKeyFilename
330    * Added destination display to the web interface (thanks pnspns)
331    * Installed CIA backdoor
333* 2005-03-29 released
3352005-03-29  jrandom
336    * Decreased the initial RTT estimate to 10s to allow more retries.
337    * Increased the default netDb store replication factor from 2 to 6 to take
338      into consideration tunnel failures.
339    * Address some statistical anonymity attacks against the netDb that could
340      be mounted by an active internal adversary by only answering lookups for
341      leaseSets we received through an unsolicited store.
342    * Don't throttle lookup responses (we throttle enough elsewhere)
343    * Fix the NewsFetcher so that it doesn't incorrectly resume midway through
344      the file (thanks nickster!)
345    * Updated the I2PTunnel HTML (thanks postman!)
346    * Added support to the I2PTunnel pages for the URL parameter "passphrase",
347      which, if matched against the router.config "i2ptunnel.passphrase" value,
348      skips the nonce check.  If the config prop doesn't exist or is blank, no
349      passphrase is accepted.
350    * Implemented HMAC-SHA256.
351    * Enable the tunnel batching with a 500ms delay by default
352    * Dropped compatability with and earlier releases
3542005-03-26  jrandom
355    * Added some error handling and fairly safe to cache data to the streaming
356      lib (good call Tom!)
3582005-03-25  jrandom
359    * Fixed up building dependencies for the routerconsole on some more
360      aggressive compilers (thanks polecat!)
362* 2005-03-24 released
3642005-03-23  jrandom
365    * Added more intelligent version checking in news.xml, in case we have a
366      version newer than the one specified.
3682005-03-23  jrandom
369    * Added support for Transfer-Encoding: chunked to the EepGet, so that the
370      cvsweb.cgi doesn't puke on us.
3722005-03-23  Connelly
373    * Fixed Bugzilla Bug #99 in the SAM Bridge, which caused pending
374      stream send data to not be sent if STREAM CLOSE is issued too fast.
3762005-03-23  jrandom
377    * Implemented the news fetch / update policy code, as configurated on
378      /configupdate.jsp.  Defaults are to grab the news every 24h (or if it
379      doesn't exist yet, on startup).  No action is taken however, though if
380      the news.xml specifies that a new release is available, an option to
381      update will be shown on the router console.
382    * New initialNews.xml delivered with new installs, and moved news.xml out
383      of the i2pwww module and into the i2p module so that we can bundle it
384      within each update.
3862005-03-23  jrandom
387    * New /configupdate.jsp page for controlling the update / notification
388      process, as well as various minor related updates.  Note that not all
389      options are exposed yet, and the update detection code isn't in place
390      in this commit - it currently says there is always an update available.
391    * New EepGet component for reliable downloading, with a CLI exposed in
392      java -cp lib/i2p.jar net.i2p.util.EepGet url
393    * Added a default signing key to the TrustedUpdate component to be used
394      for verifying updates.  This signing key can be authenticated via
395      gpg --verify i2p/core/java/src/net/i2p/crypto/
396    * New public domain SHA1 implementation for the DSA code so that we can
397      handle signing streams of arbitrary size without excess memory usage
398      (thanks P.Verdy!)
399    * Added some helpers to the TrustedUpdate to work off streams and to offer
400      a minimal CLI:
401          TrustedUpdate keygen pubKeyFile privKeyFile
402          TrustedUpdate sign origFile signedFile privKeyFile
403          TrustedUpdate verify signedFile
4052005-03-22  smeghead
406    * New TrustedUpdate component for signing/verifying files with a DSA
407      signature.
4092005-03-21  jrandom
410    * Fixed the tunnel fragmentation handler to deal with multiple fragments
411      in a single message properly (rather than release the buffer into the
412      cache after processing the first one) (duh!)
413    * Added the batching preprocessor which will bundle together multiple
414      small messages inside a single tunnel message by delaying their delivery
415      up to .5s, or whenever the pending data will fill a full message,
416      whichever comes first.  This is disabled at the moment, since without the
417      above bugfix widely deployed, lots and lots of messages would fail.
418    * Within each tunnel pool, stick with a randomly selected peer for up to
419      .5s before randomizing and selecting again, instead of randomizing the
420      pool each time a tunnel is needed. 
422* 2005-03-18 released
4242005-03-18  jrandom
425    * Minor tweak to the timestamper to help reduce small skews
426    * Adjust the stats published to include only the relevent ones
427    * Only show the currently used speed calculation on the profile page
428    * Allow the full max # resends to be sent, rather than piggybacking the
429      RESET packet along side the final resend (duh)
430    * Add irc.postman.i2p to the default list of IRC servers for new installs
431    * Drop support for routers running 0.5 or while maintaining
432      backwards compatability for users running
4342005-03-18  jrandom
435    * Eepproxy Fix for corrupted HTTP headers (thanks nickster!)
436    * Fixed case sensitivity issues on the HTTP headers (thanks duck!)
4382005-03-17  jrandom
439    * Update the old speed calculator and associated profile data points to
440      use a non-tiered moving average of the tunnel test time, avoiding the
441      freshness issues of the old tiered speed stats.
442    * Explicitly synchronize all of the methods on the PRNG, rather than just
443      the feeder methods (sun and kaffe only need the feeder, but it seems ibm
444      needs all of them synchronized).
445    * Properly use the tunnel tests as part of the profile stats.
446    * Don't flood the jobqueue with sequential persist profile tasks, but
447      instead, inject a brief scheduling delay between them.
448    * Reduce the TCP connection establishment timeout to 20s (which is still
449      absurdly excessive)
450    * Reduced the max resend delay to 30s so we can get some resends in when
451      dealing with client apps that hang up early (e.g. wget)
452    * Added more alternative socketManager factories (good call aum!)
4542005-03-16  jrandom
455    * Adjust the old speed calculator to include end to end RTT data in its
456      estimates, and use that as the primary speed calculator again.
457    * Use the mean of the high capacity speeds to determine the fast
458      threshold, rather than the median.  Perhaps we should use the mean of
459      all active non-failing peers?
460    * Updated the profile page to sort by tier, then alphabetically.
461    * Added some alternative socketManager factories (good call aum!)
4632005-03-14  jrandom
464    * New strict speed calculator that goes off the actual number of messages
465      verifiably sent through the peer by way of tunnels.  Initially, this only
466      contains the successful message count on inbound tunnels, but may be
467      augmented later to include verified outbound messages, peers queried in
468      the netDb, etc.  The speed calculation decays quickly, but should give
469      a better differential than the previous stat (both values are shown on
470      the /profiles.jsp page)
4722005-03-11  jrandom
473    * Rather than the fixed resend timeout floor (10s), use 10s+RTT as the
474      minimum (increased on resends as before, of course).
475    * Always prod the clock update listeners, even if just to tell them that
476      the time hasn't changed much.
477    * Added support for explicit peer selection for individual tunnel pools,
478      which will be useful in debugging but not recommended for use by normal
479      end users.
480    * More aggressively search for the next hop's routerInfo on tunnel join.
481    * Give messages received via inbound tunnels that are bound to remote
482      locations sufficient time (taking into account clock skew).
483    * Give alternate direct send messages sufficient time (10s min, not 5s)
484    * Always give the end to end data message the explicit timeout (though the
485      old default was sufficient before)
486    * No need to give end to end messages an insane expiration (+2m), as we
487      are already handling skew on the receiving side.
488    * Don't complain too loudly about expired TunnelCreateMessages (at least,
489      not until after all those 0.5 and users upgrade ;)
490    * Properly keep the sendBps stat
491    * When running the router with router.keepHistory=true, log more data to
492      messageHistory.txt
493    * Logging updates
494    * Minor formatting updates
4962005-03-08  jrandom
497    * More aggressively adjust the clock
4992005-03-07  jrandom
500    * Fix the HTTP response header filter to allow multiple headers with the
501      same name (thanks duck and spotteri!)
503* 2005-03-06 released
5052005-03-06  jrandom
506    * Allow the I2PTunnel web interface to select streaming lib options for
507      individual client tunnels, rather than sharing them across all of them,
508      as we do with the session options.  This way people can (and should) set
509      the irc proxy to interactive and the eepproxy to bulk.
510    * Added a script to new installs which simply calls
511      "sh i2prouter start".  This should make it clear how people should start
512      I2P.
513    * Properly expand the HTTP response header buffer (thanks shendaras!)
5152005-03-04  jrandom
516    * Filter HTTP response headers in the eepproxy, forcing Connection: close
517      so that broken (/malicious) webservers can't allow persistent
518      connections.  All HTTP compliant browsers should now always close the
519      socket.
520    * Enabled the GZIPInputStream's cache (they weren't cached before)
521    * Make sure our first send is always a SYN (duh)
522    * Workaround for some buggy compilers
5242005-03-03  jrandom
525    * Loop while starting up the I2PTunnel instances, in case the I2CP
526      listener isn't up yet (thanks detonate!)
527    * Implement custom reusable GZIP streams to both reduce memory churn
528      and prevent the exposure of data in the standard GZIP header (creation
529      time, OS, etc).  This is RFC1952 compliant, and backwards compatible,
530      though has only been tested within the confines of I2P's compression use
531      (DataHelper.[de]compress).
532    * Preemptively support the next protocol version, so that after the
533      release, we'll be able to drop protocol=2 to get rid of 0.5 users.
5352005-03-02  jrandom
536    * Fix one substantial OOM cause (session tag manager was only dropping
537      tags once the critical limit was met, rather than honoring their
538      expiration) (duh)
539    * Lots of small memory fixes
540    * Double the allowable concurrent outstanding tunnel build tasks (20)
5422005-03-01  jrandom
543    * Really disable the streaming lib packet caching
544    * Synchronized a message handling point in the SDK (even though its use is
545      already essentially single threaded, its better to play it safe)
546    * Don't add new RepublishLeaseSetJobs on failure, just requeue up the
547      existing one (duh)
548    * Throttle the number of concurrent pending tunnel builds across all
549      pools, in addition to simply throttling the number of new requests per
550      minute for each pool individually.  This should avoid the cascading
551      failure when tunnel builds take too long, as no new builds will be
552      created until the previous ones are handled.
553    * Factored out and extended the DataHelper's unit tests for dealing with
554      long and date formatting.
555    * Explicitly specify the HTTP auth realm as "i2prouter", though this
556      alone doesn't address the bug where jetty asks for authentication too
557      much.  (thanks orion!)
558    * Updated the StreamSinkServer to ignore all read bytes, rather than write
559      them to the filesystem.
5612005-02-27  jrandom
562    * Don't rerequest leaseSets if there are already pending requests
563    * Reverted the insufficiently tested caching in the DSA/SHA1 impl, and
564      temporary disabled the streaming lib packet caching.
565    * Reduced the resend RTT penalty to 10s
5672005-02-26  jrandom
568    * Force 1.3-isms on the precompiled jsps too (thanks laberhost)
5702005-02-26  jrandom
571    * Further streaming lib caching improvements
572    * Reduce the minimum RTT (used to calculate retry timeouts), but also
573      increase the RTT on resends.
574    * Lower the default message size to 4KB from 16KB to further reduce the
575      chance of failed fragmentation.
576    * Extend tunnel rebuild throttling to include fallback rebuilds
577    * If there are less than 20 routers known, don't drop the last 20 (to help
578      avoid dropping all peers under catastrophic failures)
579    * New stats for end to end messages - "client.leaseSetFoundLocally",
580      "client.leaseSetFoundRemoteTime", and "client.leaseSetFailedRemoteTime"
5822005-02-24  jrandom
583    * Throttle the number of tunnel rebuilds per minute, preventing CPU
584      overload under catastrophic failures (thanks Tracker and cervantes!)
585    * Block the router startup process until we've initialized the clock
5872005-02-24  jrandom
588    * Cache temporary memory allocation in the DSA's SHA1 impl, and the packet
589      data in the streaming lib.
590    * Fixed a streaming lib bug where the connection initiator would fail the
591      stream if the ACK to their SYN was lost.
5932005-02-23  jrandom
594    * Now that we don't get stale SAM sessions, it'd be nice if we didn't
595      get stale tunnel pools, don't you think?
597* 2005-02-23 released
5992005-02-22  jrandom
600    * Reworked the tunnel (re)building process to remove the tokens and
601      provide cleaner controls on the tunnels built.
602    * Fixed situations where the timestamper wanted to test more servers than
603      were provided (thanks Tracker!)
604    * Get rid of the dead SAM sessions by using the streaming lib's callbacks
605      (thanks Tracker!)
6072005-02-22  jrandom
608    * Temporary workaround for the I2CP disconnect bug (have the streaminglib
609      try to automatically reconnect on accept()/connect(..)).
610    * Loop check for expired lease republishing (just in case)
6122005-02-22  jrandom
613    * Adjusted (and fixed...) the timestamper change detection
614    * Deal with a rare reordering bug at the beginning of a stream (so we
615      don't drop it unnecessarily)
616    * Cleaned up some dropped message handling in the router
617    * Reduced job queue churn when dealing with a large number of tunnels by
618      sharing an expiration job
619    * Keep a separate list of the most recent CRIT messages (shown on the
620      logs.jsp).  This way they don't get buried among any other messages.
621    * For clarity, display the tunnel variance config as "Randomization" on
622      the web console.
623    * If lease republishing fails (boo! hiss!) try it again
624    * Actually fix the negative jobLag in the right place (this time)
625    * Allow reseeding when there are less than 10 known peer references
626    * Lots of logging updates.
6282005-02-20  jrandom
629    * Allow the streaming lib resend frequency to drop down to 20s as the
630      minimum, so that up to 2 retries can get sent on an http request.
631    * Add further limits to failsafe tunnels.
632    * Keep exploratory and client tunnel testing and building stats separate.
633    * Only use the 60s period for throttling tunnel requests due to transient
634      network overload.
635    * Rebuild tunnels earlier (1-3m before expiration, by default)
636    * Cache the next hop's routerInfo for participating tunnels so that the
637      tunnel participation doesn't depend on the netDb.
638    * Fixed a long standing bug in the streaming lib where we wouldn't always
639      unchoke messages when the window size grows.
640    * Make sure the window size never reaches 0 (duh)
6422005-02-20  jrandom
643    * Only build failsafe tunnels if we need them
644    * Properly implement the selectNotFailingPeers so that we get a random
645      selection of peers, rather than using the strictOrdering (thanks dm!)
646    * Don't include too many "don't tell me about" peer references in the
647      lookup message - only send the 10 peer references closest to the target.
6492005-02-19  jrandom
650    * Only build new extra tunnels on failure if we don't have enough
651    * Fix a fencepost in the tunnel building so that e.g. a variance of
652      2 means +/- 2, not +/- 1 (thanks dm!)
653    * Avoid an NPE on client disconnect
654    * Never select a shitlisted peer to participate in a tunnel
655    * Have netDb store messages timeout after 10s, not the full 60s (duh)
656    * Keep session tags around for a little longer, just in case (grr)
657    * Cleaned up some closing event issues on the streaming lib
658    * Stop bundling the jetty 5.1.2 and updated wrapper.config in the update
659      so that 0.4.* users will need to do a clean install, but we don't need
660      to shove an additional 2MB in each update to those already on 0.5.
661    * Imported the susimail css (oops, thanks susi!)
663* 2005-02-18  0.5 released
6652005-02-17  jrandom
666    * If the clock is adjusted during a job run, don't act as if the job took
667      negative time.
6692005-02-17  jrandom
670    * Included the GPL'ed susimail 0.13 by default (thanks susi23!)
6722005-02-17  jrandom
673    * Fixed the braindead tunnel testing logic
674    * If a large number of tunnels are failing (within the last 5-10 minutes)
675      and the current tunnel pool's configuration allows it, randomly build a
676      zero hop tunnel to replace failed tunnels.
677    * Enable postman's POP3 and SMTP tunnels by default
6792005-02-16  jrandom
680    * Added some error handling when the number of session tags exceeds the
681      realistic capacity, dropping a random chunk of received tag sets and
682      conducting some minor analysis of the remaining ones.  This is a part
683      of a pretty serious error condition, and logs as CRIT (if/when people
684      see "TOO MANY SESSION TAGS!", please let me know the full log line it
685      puts in the wrapper.log or /logs.jsp)
686    * Update the addressbook to only write to the published hosts location
687      if the addressbook's config contains "should_publish=true" (by default,
688      it contains "should_publish=false")
6902005-02-16  jrandom
691    * (Merged the 0.5-pre branch back into CVS HEAD)
692    * Replaced the old tunnel routing crypto with the one specified in
693      router/doc/tunnel-alt.html, including updates to the web console to view
694      and tweak it. 
695    * Provide the means for routers to reject tunnel requests with a wider
696      range of responses:
697        probabalistic rejection, due to approaching overload
698        transient rejection, due to temporary overload
699        bandwidth rejection, due to persistent bandwidth overload
700        critical rejection, due to general router fault (or imminent shutdown)
701      The different responses are factored into the profiles accordingly.
702    * Replaced the old I2CP tunnel related options (tunnels.depthInbound, etc)
703      with a series of new properties, relevent to the new tunnel routing code:
704        inbound.nickname (used on the console)
705        inbound.quantity (# of tunnels to use in any leaseSets)
706        inbound.backupQuantity (# of tunnels to keep in the ready)
707        inbound.length (# of remote peers in the tunnel)
708        inbound.lengthVariance (if > 0, permute the length by adding a random #
709                                up to the variance.  if < 0, permute the length
710                                by adding or subtracting a random # up to the
711                                variance)
712        outbound.* (same as the inbound, except for the, uh, outbound tunnels
713                    in that client's pool)
714      There are other options, and more will be added later, but the above are
715      the most relevent ones.
716    * Replaced Jetty 4.2.21 with Jetty 5.1.2
717    * Compress all profile data on disk.
718    * Adjust the reseeding functionality to work even when the JVM's http proxy
719      is set.
720    * Enable a poor-man's interactive-flow in the streaming lib by choking the
721      max window size.
722    * Reduced the default streaming lib max message size to 16KB (though still
723      configurable by the user), also doubling the default maximum window
724      size.
725    * Replaced the RouterIdentity in a Lease with its SHA256 hash.
726    * Reduced the overall I2NP message checksum from a full 32 byte SHA256 to
727      the first byte of the SHA256.
728    * Added a new "netId" flag to let routers drop references to other routers
729      who we won't be able to talk to.
730    * Extended the timestamper to get a second (or third) opinion whenever it
731      wants to actually adjust the clock offset.
732    * Replaced that kludge of a timestamp I2NP message with a full blown
733      DateMessage.
734    * Substantial memory optimizations within the router and the SDK to reduce
735      GC churn.  Client apps and the streaming libs have not been tuned,
736      however.
737    * More bugfixes than you can shake a stick at.
7392005-02-13  jrandom
740    * Updated jbigi source to handle 64bit CPUs.  The bundled jbigi.jar still
741      only contains 32bit versions, so build your own, placing in
742      your install dir if necessary.  (thanks mule!)
743    * Added support for libjbigi-$os-athlon64 to NativeBigInteger and CPUID
744      (thanks spaetz!)
7462005-02-10  smeghead
747    * Initial check-in of Pants, a new utility to help us manage our 3rd-party
748      dependencies (Fortuna, Jetty, Java Service Wrapper, etc.). Some parts of
749      Pants are still non-functional at this time so don't mess with it yet
750      unless you want to potentially mangle your working copy of CVS.
7522005-02-09  duck
753    * Allow an unneeded newline in the SAM client connection without
754      disconnecting.
7562005-02-07  jrandom
757    * Fixed a race in the streaming lib's delayed flush algorithm (thanks anon!)
7592005-02-06  Sugadude
760    * Added a filter to the addressbook to remove entries that dont end in ".i2p"
7622005-02-03  smeghead
763    * Added Ant buildfile in apps/fortuna for creating a custom Fortuna PRNG jar
764      library from GNU Crypto's CVS HEAD sources.
7662005-01-26  smeghead
767    * i2pProxy.pac,, and are now shipped with the dist
768      packages and installed to $i2pinstalldir/scripts.
769    * Added command line params to and --gij to run them
770      using gij + libgcj, and --sourcedir to run them from the source tree
771      instead of the installation directory.
772    * Fixed unreachable for() statement clause in the KBucketImpl class that was
773      causing gcj to toss a compilation warning (jrandom++).
7752005-01-26  smeghead
776    * Added a couple of scripts, and, to manage the core
777      tests and benchmarks.
778    * Routerconsole now builds under gcj 3.4.3.
779    * Corrected divide by zero error in TunnelId class under gcj (jrandom++).
7812005-01-25  smeghead
782    * Tweaked some classes to enable gcj 3.4.3 to compile the router and
783      supporting apps (except for the routerconsole which is still being
784      investigated).
7862005-01-24  smeghead
787    * C#-ification of sam-sharp: interface greatly simplified using delegates
788      and events; SamBaseEventHandler provides basic implementation and helper
789      methods but is now optional.
790    * NAnt buildfile and README added for sam-sharp.
7922005-01-23  smeghead
793    * Port the java SAM client library to mono/C# and released into the
794      public domain.  The 0.1 version of this port is available in CVS as
795      i2p/apps/sam/csharp/src/I2P.SAM.Client.  The other nonfunctional C#
796      library has been removed.
7982005-01-21  Jhor
799    * Updated jbigi build scripts for OSX.
8012005-01-21  jrandom
802    * Added support for OSX to the NativeBigInteger code so that it will look
803      in the classpath for libjbigi-osx-none.jnilib.  At the moment, that file
804      is not bundled with the shipped jbigi.jar yet though.
8062005-01-18  jrandom
807    * Increased the max # session tags maintained and decreased slightly the
808      period over which they are gathered.
8102005-01-17  jrandom
811    * Added meaningful support for adjusting the preferred message size in the
812      streaming lib by setting the i2p.streaming.maxMessageSize=32768 (or
813      whatever).  The other side will mimic a reduction (but never an increase).
814    * Always make sure to use distinct ConnectionOption objects for each
815      connection (duh)
816    * Reduced the default ACK delay to 500ms on in the streaming lib
817    * Only shrink the streaming window once per window
818    * Don't bundle a new jetty.xml with updates
819    * Catch another local routerInfo corruption issue on startup.
8212005-01-15  cervantes
822    * Added support to the eepproxy for URLs such as
823      http://localhost:4444/eepproxy/foo.i2p/bar/baz or even
824      http://localhost:4444/eepproxy/foo.i2p/?i2paddresshelper=base64
8262005-01-15  jrandom
827    * Caught a series of (previously unhandled) errors caused by requeueing
828      messages that had timed out on the TCP transport (thanks mae^!)
829    * Reduce the barrier to dropping session tags on streaming lib resends -
830      every fourth send should drop the tags, forcing ElGamal encryption.  This
831      will help speed up the recovery after a disconnect, rather than the drop
832      every fifth send.
834* 2005-01-06 released
8362005-01-06  jrandom
837    * Added a startup message to the addressbook, printing its version number
838      to stdout (which is sent to wrapper.config) when it loads.
839    * Updated the addressbook to reread the config file periodically
840    * Added orion.i2p to the list of eepsites on the default homepage
8422005-01-05  jrandom
843    * Handle unexpected network read errors more carefully (thanks parg!)
844    * Added more methods to partially compare (DataHelper) and display
845      arrays (Base64.encode).
846    * Exposed the AES encryptBlock/decryptBlock on the context.aes()
847    * Be more generous on the throttle when just starting up the router
848    * Fix a missing scheduled event in the streaming lib (caused after reset)
849    * Add a new DisconnectListener on the I2PSocketManager to allow
850      notification of session destruction.
851    * Make sure our own router identity is valid, and if it isn't, build a new
852      one and restart the router.  Alternately, you can run the Router with
853      the single command line argument "rebuild" and it will do the same.
8552004-12-31  ragnarok
856    * Integrated latest addressbook changes (2.0.3) which include support for
857      deploying as a .war file with no existing addressbook configuration.
858    * Updated main build process to bundle the addressbook.war in the
859      i2pinstall.jar and
8612004-12-31  jrandom
862    * Speling fxi (thanks digum!)
863    * Bugfix for the I2PTunnel web interface so that it now properly launches
864      newly added tunnels that are defined to be run on startup (thanks ugha!)
8662004-12-30  jrandom
867    * Revised the I2PTunnel client and httpclient connection establishment
868      throttles.  There is now a pool of threads that build the I2PSocket
869      connections with a default size of 5, configurable via the I2PTunnel
870      client option 'i2ptunnel.numConnectionBuilders' (if set to 0, it will
871      not throttle the number of concurrent builders, but will launch a thread
872      per socket during establishment).  In addition, sockets accepted but
873      not yet allocated to one of the connection builders will be destroyed
874      after 30 seconds, configurable via 'i2ptunnel.maxWaitTime' (if set to
875      0, it will wait indefinitely).
8772004-12-29  jrandom
878    * Imported Ragnarok's addressbook source (2.0.2) which is built but not
879      deployed in the i2pinstall.jar/ (yet).
880    * Don't treat connection inactivity closure as a connection error.
8822004-12-29  jrandom
883    * Add in a new keepalive event on each TCP connection, proactively sending
884      a (tiny) time message every minute or two, as well as killing the
885      connection if no message has been fully sent within 5 minutes or so. 
886      This should help deal with hung connections from IP address changes.
8882004-12-28  jrandom
889    * Cleaned up the resending and choking algorithm in the streaming lib.
890    * Removed the read timeout override for I2PTunnel's httpclient, allowing
891      it to use the default for the streaming lib.
892    * Revised ack triggers in the streaming lib.
893    * Logging.
895* 2004-12-21 released
8972004-12-21  jrandom
898    * Track a new stat for expired client leases (client.leaseSetExpired).
9002004-12-21  jrandom
901    * Cleaned up the postinstall/startup scripts a bit more to handle winME,
902      and added windows info to the headless docs. (thanks ardvark!)
903    * Fixed a harmless (yet NPE inspiring) race during the final shutdown of
904      a stream (thanks frosk!)
905    * Add a pair of new stats for monitoring tunnel participation -
906      tunnel.participatingBytesProcessed (total # bytes transferred) and
907      tunnel.participatingBytesProcessedActive (total # bytes transferred for
908      tunnels whose byte count exceed the 10m average).  This should help
909      further monitor congestion issues.
910    * Made the NamingService factory property public (thanks susi!)
9122004-12-20  jrandom
913    * No longer do a blocking DNS lookup within the jobqueue (thanks mule!)
914    * Set a 60s dns cache TTL, instead of 0s.  Most users who used to use
915      dyndns/etc now just use IP autodetection, so the old "we need ttl=0"
916      reasoning is gone.
9182004-12-19  jrandom
919    * Fix for a race on startup wrt the new stats (thanks susi!)
9212004-12-19  jrandom
922    * Added three new stats - router.activePeers, router.fastPeers, and
923      router.highCapacityPeers, updated every minute
9252004-12-19  jrandom
926    * Added a new i2ptunnel type: 'httpserver', allowing you to specify what
927      hostname should be sent to the webserver.  By default, new installs will
928      have an httpserver pointing at their jetty instance with the spoofed
929      name 'mysite.i2p' (editable on the /i2ptunnel/edit.jsp page).
9312004-12-19  scintilla
932    * Convert native jcpuid code from C++ to C. This should alleviate build
933      problems experienced by some users.
935* 2004-12-18 released
9372004-12-16  jrandom
938    * Catch another oddball case for a reset connection in the streaming lib.
939    * Add a dumpprofile.jsp page, called with ?peer=base64OfPeerHash, which
940      dumps the current state of that peer's profile.  Instead of the full
941      base64, you can pass in however many characters you have and it will
942      return the first match found.
9442004-12-16  jrandom
945    * Remove the randomized factor in the tunnel rejection by bandwidth -
946      we now accept the request if we've allocated less than our limit
947      and reject it if we've allocated more.
948    * Stick to the standard capacity scale on tunnel rejection, even for
949      the 10m period.
950    * Build the time message at the very last possible moment
9522004-12-15  jrandom
953    * Handle hard disconnects more gracefully within the streaming lib, and
954      log unmonitored events more aggressively.
955    * If we drop a peer after connection due to clock skew, log it to the
956      /logs.jsp#connectionlogs with relevent info.  In addition, toss it in
957      the stat 'tcp.disconnectAfterSkew'.
958    * Fixed the formatting in the skew display
959    * Added an ERROR message that is fired once after we run out of
960      routerInfo files (thanks susi!)
961    * Set the connect timeout equal to the streaming lib's disconnect timeout
962      if not already specified (the I2PTunnel httpclient already enforces a
963      60s connect timeout)
964    * Fix for another connection startup problem in the streaming lib.
965    * Fix for a stupid error in the probabalistic drop (rand <= P, not > P)
966    * Adjust the capacity calculations so that tunnel failures alone in the
967      last 10m will not trigger a 0 capacity rank.
9692004-12-14  jrandom
970    * Periodically send a message along all I2NP connections with the router's
971      current time, allowing the receiving peer to determine that the clock
972      has skewed too much, and hence, disconnect.  For backwards compatability
973      reasons, this is being kludged into a DeliveryStatusMessage (ewww).  The
974      next time we have a backwards compatability break, we can put in a proper
975      message setup for it.
9772004-12-14  jrandom
978    * Reenable the probabalistic drop on the TCP queues to deal with good old
979      fashioned bandwidth limiting.  However, by default the probability is
980      rigged to reserve 0% of the queue free - meaning we just aggressively
981      fail messages in the queue if we're transferring too slowly.  That
982      reservation factor can be increased with 'tcp.queueFreeFactor=0.25'
983      (or whatever) and the drop code can be disabled with the parameter
984      'tcp.dropProbabalistically=false'.
985    * Still penalize a peer on tunnel failure, but don't immediately drop
986      their capacity to 0.
987    * More aggressively ACK duplicates
988    * Randomize the timestamper period
989    * Display the clock skew on the connection logs when a peer sends it.
990    * Allow the timestamper to fix skews of up to 10 minutes
991    * Logging
9932004-12-13  jrandom
994    * Added some error checking on the new client send job (thanks duck!)
995    * Implemented tunnel rejection based on bandwidth usage (rejecting tunnels
996      proportional to the bytes allocated in existing tunnels vs the bytes
997      allowed through the bandwidth limiter).
998    * Enable a new configuration parameter for triggering a tunnel rebuild
999      (tunnel.maxTunnelFailures), where that is the max allowed test failures
1000      before killing the tunnel (default 0).
1001    * Gather more data that we rank capacity by (now we monitor and balance the
1002      data from 10m/30m/60m/1d instead of just 10m/60m/1d).
1003    * Fix a truncation/type conversion problem on the long term capacity
1004      values (we were ignoring the daily stats outright)
10062004-12-11  jrandom
1007    * Fix the missing HTTP timeout, which was caused by the deferred syn used
1008      by default.  This, in turn, meant the I2PSocket creation doesn't fail
1009      on .connect, but is unable to transfer any data in any direction.  We now
1010      detect that condition for the I2PTunnelHTTPClient and throw up the right
1011      error page.
1012    * Logging
10142004-12-11  jrandom
1015    * Use a simpler and less memory intensive job for processing outbound
1016      client messages when the session is in mode=bestEffort.  We can
1017      immediately discard the data as soon as its sent the first time,
1018      rather than wait for an ack, since we will never internally resend.
1019    * Reduce some synchronization to avoid a rare deadlock
1020    * Replaced 'localhost' with in the i2ptunnel config, and special
1021      case it within the tunnel controller.
1022    * Script cleanup for building jbigi/jcpuid
1023    * Logging
1025* 2004-12-08 released
10272004-12-08  jrandom
1028    * Revised the buffering when reading from the SAM client and writing
1029      to the stream.  Also added a thread (sigh) so we don't block the
1030      SAM client from giving us more messages for abnormally long periods
1031      of time.
1032    * Display the router version in the logs on startup (oft requested)
1033    * Fix a race during the closing of a messageOutputStream
10352004-12-06  jrandom
1036    * Don't do a 'passive flush' while there are already outbound messages
1037      unacked.
1038    * Show the reseed link if up to 10 peers profiles are active (thanks
1039      dburton!)
10412004-12-06  jrandom
1042    * Don't propogate streaming connection failures out to the SAM bridge as
1043      fatal errors.
1044    * Dont barf on repeated I2CP closure.
10462004-12-05  jrandom
1047    * Explicitly use "" to bind the I2CP listener, not the JVM's
1048      getLocalhost call
10502004-12-05  jrandom
1051    * Default the I2CP listener to localhost only, unless overridden by
1052      i2cp.tcp.bindAllInterfaces=true (thanks dm!)
1053    * More SAM fixes for things recently broken (whee)
10552004-12-05  jrandom
1056    * Fix the recently broken SAM bridge (duh)
1057    * Add a new pair of SAM apps - net.i2p.sam.client.SAMStreamSink and
1058      net.i2p.sam.client.SAMStreamSend, mirroring the streaming lib's
1059      StreamSink and StreamSend apps for transferring files.
1060    * Make the passive flush timer fire more frequently.
10622004-12-05  jrandom
1063    * Fixed some links in the console (thanks ugha!) and the javadoc
1064      (thanks dinoman!)
1065    * Fix the stream's passive flush timer (oh, its supposed to work?)
10672004-12-03  jrandom
1068    * Toss in a small pool of threads (3) to execute the events queued up with
1069      the SimpleTimer, as we do currently see the occational event
1070      notification spiking up to a second or so.
1071    * Implement a SAM client API in java, useful for event based streaming (or
1072      for testing the SAM bridge)
1073    * Added support to shut down the SAM bridge on OOM (useful if the SAM
1074      bridge is being run outside of the router).
1075    * Include the SAM test code in the sam.jar
1076    * Remove an irrelevent warning message from SAM, which was caused by
1077      perfectly normal operation due to a session being closed.
1078    * Removed some unnecessary synchronization in the streaming lib's
1079      PacketQueue
1080    * More quickly clean up the memory used by the streaming lib by
1081      immediately killing each packet's resend job as soon as it is ACKed (or
1082      cancelled), so that there are no longer any valid pointers to the
1083      (potentially 32KB) packet.
1084    * Fixed the timestamps dumped to stdout when debugging the PacketHandler.
1085    * Drop packets that would expand our inbound window beyond our maximum
1086      buffer size (default 32 messages)
1087    * Always read the ACK/NACK data from the verified packets received, even
1088      if we are going to drop them
1089    * Always adjust the window when there are messages ACKed, though do not
1090      change its size except as before.
1091    * Streamlined some synchronization in the router's I2CP handling
1092    * Streamlined some memory allocation in the SAM bridge
1093    * Default the streaming lib to disconnect on inactivity, rather than send
1094      an empty message.
10962004-12-01  jrandom
1097    * Fix for a race in the streaming lib as caused by some odd SAM activity
1099* 2004-12-01 released
11012004-12-01  jrandom
1102    * Fixed a stupid typo that inadvertantly allowed persistent HTTP
1103      connections to work (thanks duck!)
1104    * Make sure we override the inactivity timeout too
1106* 2004-12-01 released
11082004-12-01  jrandom
1109    * Strip out any of the Accept-* HTTP header lines, and always make sure to
1110      include the forged User-agent header.
1111    * Adjust the default read timeout on the eepproxy to 60s, unless
1112      overridden.
1113    * Minor tweak on stream shutdown.
11152004-11-30  jrandom
1116    * Render the burst rate fields on /config.jsp properly (thanks ugha!)
1117    * Build in a simple timeout to flush data queued into the I2PSocket but
1118      not yet flushed.
1119    * Don't explicitly flush after each SAM stream write, but leave it up to
1120      the [nonblocking] passive flush.
1121    * Don't whine about 10-99 connection events occurring in a second
1122    * Don't wait for completion of packets that will not be ACKed (duh)
1123    * Adjust the congestion window, even if the packet was resent (duh)
1124    * Make sure to wake up any blocking read()'s when the MessageInputStream
1125      is close()ed (duh)
1126    * Never wait more than the disconnect timeout for a write to complete
11282004-11-29  jrandom
1129    * Minor fixes to avoid unnecessary errors on shutdown (thanks susi!)
11312004-11-29  jrandom
1132    * Reduced contention for local client delivery
1133    * Drop the new code that munges the wrapper.config.  Instead, updates that
1134      need to change it will include their own wrapper.config in the
1135, overwriting the existing file.  If the file
1136      "wrapper.config.updated" is included, it is deleted at first opportunity
1137      and the router shut down, displaying a notice that the router must be
1138      started again cleanly to allow the changes to the wrapper.config to take
1139      effect.
1140    * Properly stop accept()ing I2PSocket connections if we close down the
1141      session (duh).
1142    * Make sure we cancel any outstanding Packets in flight when a connection
1143      is terminated (thanks susi!)
1144    * Split up the I2PTunnel closing a little further.
11462004-11-28  jrandom
1147    * Accept IP address detection changes with a 2-out-of-3 minimum.
1148    * As long as the router is up, keep retrying to bind the I2CP listener.
1149    * Decrease the java service wrapper ping frequency to once every 10
1150      minutes, rather than once every 5 seconds.
11522004-11-27  jrandom
1153    * Some cleanup and bugfixes for the IP address detection code where we
1154      only consider connections that have actually sent and received messages
1155      recently as active, rather than the mere presence of a TCP socket as
1156      activity.
11582004-11-27  jrandom
1159    * Removed the I2PTunnel inactivity timeout thread, since the new streaming
1160      lib can do that (without an additional per-connection thread).
1161    * Close the I2PTunnel forwarder threads more aggressively
11632004-11-27  jrandom
1164    * Fix for a fast loop caused by a race in the new streaming library (thanks
1165      DrWoo, frontier, pwk_, and thetower!)
1166    * Minor updates to the SimpleTimer and Connection to help track down a
1167      high CPU usage problem (dumping debug info to stdout/wrapper.log if too
1168      many events/tasks fire in a second)
1169    * Minor fixes for races on client disconnects (causing NPEs)
1171* 2004-11-26  0.4.2 released
11732004-11-26  jrandom
1174    * Enable the new streaming lib as the default.  That means, for any
1175      substantial definition, it is NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE. 
11772004-11-25  jrandom
1178    * Revised the installer to include start menu and desktop shortcuts for
1179      windows platforms, including pretty icons (thanks DrWoo!)
1180    * Allow clients specified in clients.config to have an explicit startup
1181      delay.
1182    * Update the default install to launch a browser pointing at the console
1183      whenever I2P starts up, rather than only the first time it starts up
1184      (configurable on /configservice.jsp, or in clients.config)
1185    * Bugfix to the clock skew checking code to monitor the delta between
1186      offsets, not the offset itself (duh)
1187    * Router console html update
1188    * New (and uuuuugly) code to verify that the wrapper.config contains
1189      the necessary classpath entries on update.  If it has to update the
1190      wrapper.config, it will stop the JVM and service completely, since the
1191      java service wrapper doesn't reread the wrapper.config on JVM restart -
1192      requiring the user to manually restart the service after an update.
1193    * Increase the TCP connection timeout to 30s (which is obscenely long)
11952004-11-22  jrandom
1196    * Update to the SAM bridge to reduce some unnecessary memory allocation.
1197    * New stat to keep track of slow jobs (ones that take more than a second
1198      to excute).  This is published in the netDb as jobQueue.jobRunSlow
12002004-11-21  jrandom
1201    * Update the I2PTunnel web interface to include an option for the new
1202      streaming lib (which is ignored until the 0.4.2 release).
1203    * Revised the I2PTunnel web interface to keep the I2CP options of client
1204      and httpclient tunnels in sync, as they all share the same I2CP session.
12062004-11-21  jrandom
1207    * Only allow small clock skews after the first 10 minutes of operation
1208      (to prevent later network lag bouncing us way off course - yes, we
1209      really need an NTP impl to balance out the network burps...)
1210    * Revamp the I2PTunnel web interface startup process so that everything
1211      is shown immediately, so that different pieces hanging don't hang
1212      the rest, and other minor bugfixes.
1213    * Take note of SAM startup error (in case you're already running a SAM
1214      bridge...)
1215    * Increase the bandwidth limiter burst values available to 10-60s (or
1216      whatever is placed in /configadvanced.jsp, of course)
12182004-11-21  jrandom
1219    * Allow end of line comments in the hosts.txt and other config files,
1220      using '#' to begin the comments (thanks susi!)
1221    * Add support to I2PTunnel's 'client' feature for picking between multiple
1222      target destinations (e.g. 'client 6668,irc.baffled.i2p')
1223    * Add a quick link on the left hand nav to reseed if there aren't enough
1224      known peers, as well as link to the config page if there are no active
1225      peers.  Revised config page accordingly.
12272004-11-21  jrandom
1228    * Destroy ElGamal/AES+SessionTag keys after 15 minutes of inactivity
1229      rather that every 15 minutes, and increase the warning period in which
1230      we refresh tags from 30s to 2 minutes.
1231    * Bugfix for a rare problem closing an I2PTunnel stream where we'd fail
1232      to close the I2PSocket (leaving it to timeout).
12342004-11-19  jrandom
1235    * Off-by-one fix to the tunnel pool management code, along side some
1236      explicit initialization.  This can affect clients whose lengths are
1237      shorter than the router's default (thanks duck!)
12392004-11-17  jrandom
1240    * Fix to propogate i2psocket options into the SAM bridge correctly (thanks
1241      Ragnarok!)
12432004-11-17  jrandom
1244    * Minor logging update.
12462004-11-16  jrandom
1247    * Clean up the propogation of i2psocket options so that various streaming
1248      libs can honor them more precisely
12502004-11-16  jrandom
1251    * Minor logging update
12532004-11-14  jrandom
1254    * Fix a long standing leak in I2PTunnel (hanging on to i2psocket objects)
1255    * Fix a leak injected into the SimpleTimer
1256    * Fix a race condition in the tunnel message handling
12582004-11-13  jrandom
1259    * Added throttles on how many I2PTunnel client connections we open at once
1260    * Replaced some buffered streams in I2PTunnel with unbuffered streams, as
1261      the streaming library used should take care of any buffering.
1262    * Added a cache for some objects used in I2PTunnel, especially useful when
1263      there are many short lived connections.
1264    * Trimmed the SimpleTimer's processing a bit
12662004-11-10  jrandom
1267    * Allow loading the (mini)streaming connection options from the
1268      environment.
1269    * More defensive programming in the DSA implementation.
12712004-11-08  jrandom
1272    * Remove spurious flush calls from I2PTunnel, and work with the
1273      I2PSocket's output stream directly (as the various implementations
1274      do their own buffering).
1275    * Another pass at a long standing JobQueue bug - dramatically simplify
1276      the job management synchronization since we dont need to deal with
1277      high contention (unlike last year when we had dozens of queue runners
1278      going at once).
1279    * Logging
12812004-11-08  jrandom
1282    * Make the SAM bridge more resiliant to bad handshakes (thanks duck!)
1284* 2004-11-06 released
12862004-11-06  jrandom
1287    * Expose a drop down on the /configclients.jsp to enter the outbound
1288      tunnel depth.
1289    * Improved *hosts.txt loading
1290    * Explicitly override the JVM's timezone settings to use GMT so that
1291      any client applications which use timezones won't leak sensitive
1292      data (thanks gott!)
1293    * Bundle sam.jar in the update (thanks duck!)
12952004-11-06  jrandom
1296    * Fix for a long standing synchronization bug in the SDK that in rare
1297      instances can add a few seconds of lag.
12992004-11-05  jrandom
1300    * Bugfixes and unit tests for the SAM bridge to handle quoted message
1301      parameters, verify proper operation after multiple session lifetimes,
1302      as well as some synchronization problems.
1303    * New properties method on the DataHelper class.
1304    * Address a race on fast disconnecting clients
13062004-11-02  jrandom
1307    * Fix for a long standing synchronization bug in the JobQueue (and added
1308      some kooky flags to make sure it stays dead)
1309    * Update the ministreaming lib to force mode=guaranteed if the default
1310      lib is used, and mode=best_effort for all other libs.
13122004-11-02  jrandom
1313    * Fixed up the configuration overrides for the streaming socket lib
1314      integration so that it properly honors env settings.
1315    * More memory usage streamlining (last major revamp for now, i promise)
13172004-11-01  jrandom
1318    * Increase the tunnel test timeout rapidly if our tunnels are failing.
1319    * Honor message expirations for some tunnel jobs that were prematurely
1320      expired.
1321    * Streamline memory usage with temporary object caches and more efficient
1322      serialization for SHA256 calculation, logging, and both I2CP and I2NP
1323      message handling.
1324    * Fix some situations where we forward messages too eagerly.  For a
1325      request at the tunnel endpoint, if the tunnel is inbound and the target
1326      is remote, honor the message by tunnel routing the data rather than
1327      sending it directly to the requested location.
13292004-10-30  jrandom
1330    * Cache the temporary objects used in the AES encryption/decryption
1331      process so that AES doesn't require any memory allocation to process
1332      data.
1333    * Dramatically reduce memory usage within various crypto implementations
1334      by avoiding unnecessary (though simplifying) buffers.
1335    * If we specify some tags to be sent in an I2CP message explicitly, use
1336      only those, not those plus a new set (otherwise we aren't sure on ACK
1337      which set was delivered)
1338    * Allow configuration for the partial send timeout (how long before
1339      resending a message down a different tunnel in a lease).  This can be
1340      updated with the "router.clientPartialSendTimeout" router config prop.
1341    * Logging
13432004-10-29  jrandom
1344    * Strip the Referer, Via, and From headers completely, rather than
1345      inserting a bogus value ("i2p").  This should help with the use of
1346      SnipSnap and Geeklog (thanks nickster and DrWoo!)
13482004-10-27  jrandom
1349    * Fix a strange race condition on i2cp client disconnect.
1350    * win98 startup fixes (thanks tester-1 and ardvark!)
1351    * include build scripts for the new streaming lib (which is NOT ready
1352      for use yet, but you can hack around with it)
13542004-10-24  jrandom
1355    * Allow explicit inclusion of session tags in the SDK, enabling the
1356      resending of tags bundled with messages that would not otherwise
1357      be ACKed.
1358    * Don't force mode=guaranteed for end to end delivery - if mode=bestEffort
1359      no DeliveryStatusMessage will be bundled (and as such, client apps using
1360      it will need to do their own session tag ack/nack).
1361    * Handle client errors when notifying them of message availability.
1362    * New StreamSinkSend which sends a file to a destination and disconnects.
1363    * Update the I2PSocketManagerFactory to build the specific
1364      I2PSocketManager instance based on the "i2p.streaming.manager" property,
1365      containing the class name of the I2PSocketManager to instantiate.
13672004-10-23  jrandom
1368    * Minor ministreaming lib refactoring to simplify integration of the full
1369      streaming lib.
1370    * Minor bugfixes to data structure serialization.
1372* 2004-10-18 released
13742004-10-18  jrandom
1375    * Allow sending messages with a section of a byte array.
1376    * Reduced stats published.
13782004-10-17  jrandom
1379    * Don't b0rk on whitespace in the router address.
13812004-10-16  jrandom
1382    * More aggressively reduce the capacity of peers if their tunnels are
1383      failing so that we move off them quicker.
1384    * Simplify some data structure serialization for reuse in the streaming
1385      lib, as well as add support for signing and verifying partial byte
1386      arrays.
1387    * Logging updates
13892004-10-16  jrandom
1390    * Increased the default minimum tunnel test time to 5 seconds, since we
1391      still see the occational message processing time spike to 2 seconds.
1392    * Update the SimpleTimer to allow rescheduling a task thats already
1393      queued (useful for the new streaming lib).
13952004-10-15  jrandom
1396    * Replaced old minimum tunnel test timeout of 1s with a configurable
1397      value (router.config property "router.tunnelTestMinimum", with the
1398      default of 2s).
14002004-10-14  jrandom
1401    * Tunnel rejection is no longer a sign of an overwhelmingly loaded
1402      peer, so don't use it as a key point of the IsFailing calculator.
1403      We still use it as a key point of the Capacity calculator, however.
14052004-10-14  jrandom
1406    * Allow for a configurable tunnel "growth factor", rather than trying
1407      to achieve a steady state.  This will let us grow gradually when
1408      the router is needed more, rather than blindly accepting the request
1409      or arbitrarily choking it at an averaged value.  Configure this with
1410      "router.tunnelGrowthFactor" in the router.config (default "1.5").
1411    * Adjust the tunnel test timeouts dynamically - rather than the old
1412      flat 30s (!!!) timeout, we set the timeout to 2x the average tunnel
1413      test time (the deviation factor can be adjusted by setting
1414      "router.tunnelTestDeviation" to "3.0" or whatever).  This should help
1415      find the 'good' tunnels.
1416    * Added some crazy debugging to try and track down an intermittent hang.
14182004-10-13  jrandom
1419    * Fix the probabalistic tunnel reject (we always accepted everything,
1420      since the docs on java.util.Random.nextDouble() are wrong..)
1421    * Fixed a race on startup (thanks Quadn!)
14232004-10-12  jrandom
1424    * Disable the probabalistic drop by default (enable via the router config
1425      property "tcp.dropProbabalistically=true")
1426    * Disable the actual watchdog shutdown by default, but keep track of more
1427      variables and log a lot more when it occurs (enable via the router
1428      config property "watchdog.haltOnHang=true")
1429    * Implement some tunnel participation smoothing by refusing requests
1430      probabalistically as our participating tunnel count exceeds the previous
1431      hour's, or when the 10 minute average tunnel test time exceeds the 60
1432      minute average tunnel test time.  The probabilities in both cases are
1433      oldAverage / #current, so if you're suddenly flooded with 200 tunnels
1434      and you had previously only participated in 50, you'll have a 25% chance
1435      of accepting a subsequent request.
1437* 2004-10-10 released
14392004-10-10  cervantes
1440    * Update the I2PTunnel HTTP proxy to strip out the i2paddresshelper from
1441      the request.
14432004-10-09  jrandom
1444    * Added a watchdog timer to do some baseline liveliness checking to help
1445      debug some odd errors.
1446    * Added a pair of summary stats for bandwidth usage, allowing easy export
1447      with the other stats ("bw.sendBps" and "bw.receiveBps")
1448    * Trimmed another memory allocation on message reception.
14502004-10-08  jrandom
1451    * Revamp the AESInputStream so it doesn't allocate any temporary objects
1452      during its operation.
14542004-10-08  jrandom
1455    * Don't kill the establisher threads during a soft restart.
1456    * Attempt to validate the peer's routerInfo earlier during handshaking.
1457    * Revamp the AESOutputStream so it doesn't allocate any temporary objects
1458      during its operation.
14602004-10-07  jrandom
1461    * Reimplement the I2NP reading with less temporary memory allocation.
1462      There is still significant GC churn, especially under load, but this
1463      should help.
1464    * Catch some oddball errors in the transport (message timeout while
1465      establishing).
14672004-10-07  jrandom
1468    * Expire queued messages even when the writer is blocked.
1469    * Reimplement most of the I2NP writing with less temporary memory
1470      allocations (I2NP reading still gobbles memory).
14722004-10-06  jrandom
1473    * Implement an active queue management scheme on the TCP transports,
1474      dropping messages probabalistically as the queue fills up.  The
1475      estimated queue capacity is determined by the rate at which messages
1476      have been sent to the peer (averaged at 1, 5, and 60m periods).  As
1477      we exceed 1/2 of the estimated capacity, we drop messages throughout
1478      the queue probabalistically with regards to their size.  This is based
1479      on RFC 2309's RED, with the minimum threshold set to 1/2 the
1480      estimated connection capacity.  We may want to consider using a send
1481      rate and queue size measured across all connections, to deal with our
1482      own local bandwidth saturation, but we'll try the per-con metrics first.
14842004-10-06  jrandom
1485    * Enable explicit disabling of the systray entirely for windows machines
1486      with strange configurations: add -Dsystray.disable=true to the java
1487      command line.  (thanks mihi!)
14892004-10-05  jrandom
1490    * Allow peers on the same LAN to communicate with each other safely even
1491      when they cannot talk to each other through the external address.
14932004-10-05  jrandom
1494    * Display how much time is left before the graceful shutdown is complete.
1495    * Debug some improperly failed messages on timeout or disconnection.
14972004-10-05  jrandom
1498    * Don't go into a fast busy if an I2PTunnel 'server' is explicitly killed
1499      (thanks mule!)
1500    * Handle some more error conditions regarding abruptly closing sockets
1501      (thanks Jonva!)
15032004-10-04  jrandom
1504    * Update the shitlist to reject a peer for an exponentially increasing
1505      period of time (with an upper bounds of an hour). 
1506    * Various minor stat and debugging fixes
15082004-10-03  jrandom
1509    * Add a new stat logging component to optionally dump the raw stats to
1510      disk as they are generated, rather than rely upon the summarized data.
1511      By default, this is off, but the router property "stat.logFilters" can
1512      be set to a comma delimited list of stats (e.g. "client.sendAckTime")
1513      which will be written to the file "stats.log" (or whatever the property
1514      "stat.logFile" is set to).  This can also log profile related stats,
1515      such as "dbResponseTime" or "tunnelTestResponseTime".
15172004-10-02  jrandom
1518    * Assure that we quickly fail messages bound for shitlisted peers.
1519    * Address a race on startup where the first peer contacted could hang the
1520      router (thanks Romster!)
1521    * Only whine about an intermittent inability to query the time server once
15232004-10-02  jrandom
1524    * Command line utility to verify a peer's reachability - simply run
1525      net.i2p.router.transport.tcp.ConnectionHandler hostname port# and it
1526      will print out whether that peer is reachable or not (using a simple
1527      verification handshake).
1529* 2004-10-01 released
15312004-10-01  jrandom
1532    * Handle partial reseeds, caused by seeds going away before the download
1533      completes (thanks Sugadude!)
15352004-10-01  jrandom
1536    * Explicitly refuse IPv6 addresses, since only some peers support
1537      them and we want fully reachable peers.
15392004-10-01  jrandom
1540    * Additional error handling for a variety of transport layer errors.
1542* 2004-09-30  0.4.1 released (not backwards compatible)
15442004-09-30  jrandom
1545    * Bundle the configuration necessary to run an eepsite out of the box
1546      with Jetty - simply edit ./eepsite/docroot/index.html and give people
1547      the key listed on the I2PTunnel configuration page, and its up.
1548    * Router console cleanup, and some (off by default) tunnels -
1549      smtp.postman.i2p (port 7659), pop.postman.i2p (port 7660), and
1550      irc.baffled.i2p (port 7661)
15522004-09-29  jrandom
1553    * Always wipe the Jetty work directory on startup, so that web updates
1554      are reflected immediately (Jetty does not honor the cache across
1555      multiple executions)
15572004-09-27  jrandom
1558    * Limit the number of connection tags saved to 10,000.  This is a huge
1559      limit, but consumes no more than 1MB of RAM.  For now, we drop them
1560      randomly after reaching that size, forcing those dropped peers to use
1561      a full DH negotiation.
1562    * HTML cleanup in the console.
15642004-09-26  jrandom
1565    * Complete rewrite of the TCP transport with IP autodetection and
1566      low CPU overhead reconnections.  More concise connectivity errors
1567      are listed on the /oldconsole.jsp as well.  The IP autodetection works
1568      by listening to the first person who tells you what your IP address is
1569      when you have not defined one yourself and you have no other TCP
1570      connections.
1571    * Update to the I2NP message format to add transparent verification at
1572      the I2NP level (beyond standard TCP verification).
1573    * Remove a potential weakness in our AESEngine's safeEncrypt and safeDecrypt
1574      implementation (rather than verifying with E(H(key)), we now verify with
1575      E(H(iv))).
1576    * The above changes are NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE.
1577    * Removed all of the old unused PHTTP code.
1578    * Refactor various methods and clean up some javadoc.
15802004-09-21  jrandom
1581    * Have two tiers of hosts.txt files - the standard "hosts.txt" and
1582      the new "userhosts.txt".  Updates to I2P will only overwrite the former,
1583      but values stored in the later take precedence.  Both are queried on
1584      lookup.
15862004-09-16  jrandom
1587    * Refactor the TCP transport to deal with changing identities gracefully,
1588      and to prevent some wasted effort by keeping track of what host+port
1589      combinations we are connected to (rather than just the identities).  Also
1590      catch a few configuration errors earlier.
1591    * Removed no longer relevent methods from the Transport API that were
1592      exposing ideas that probably shouldn't be exposed.
1593    * Removed the specific files from (relating to script
1594      updates)
15962004-09-13  jrandom
1597    * Update for the SDK reconnection to deal with overflow.
1598    * Web improvements (@ not # on the /logs.jsp [thanks ugha!] and fixed the
1599      rounding on lifetime bandwidth used [thanks gott!]).
1601* 2004-09-08 released
16032004-09-08  jrandom
1604    * Updated the "Active:" peer count to display the # of connections as well
1605      as the number of recently active router identities.
1606    * Implement some basic updating code - on startup, if there is a file named
1607      "" in the I2P installation directory, extract it, delete it,
1608      then restart.
1609    * Added an ugly little script to allow launching the router on win9x
1610      machines without a dos box (using javaw to run a .bat file).
1611    * Logging updates.
1612    * Updated VERSION constants to
16142004-09-08  hypercubus
1615    * Bugfix: Running the installer as a non-privileged user on Red Hat (and
1616      hopefully any other affected *nix systems) now properly discards non-
1617      essential directories after installation.
1618    * Support for Win9x in the installer and postinstall.bat.
1619    * Changed the name of the default installation directory on all platforms
1620      from "I2P" to "i2p" in the installer.
1621    * Changed "wrapper.conf" to "wrapper.config" for naming consistency with the
1622      other configuration files.
16242004-09-07  cervantes:
1625    * Proxy recursion disabled by default (strict)
1626    * Password Authentication for session commands
1627    * Support for http://path?i2paddresshelper=BASE64
1628    * Support for http://i2p/BASE64/path syntax
16302004-09-07  jrandom
1631    * Make sure that peers placed in the 'fast' group are ones we both know
1632      how to reach and have been able to reach recently.  These peers may
1633      still be placed in the 'high capacity' group however (though that group
1634      is only queried if the 'fast' group is too small)
1635    * Include some updates to the ProgileOrganizer's CLI.
16372004-09-07  jrandom
1638    * Disable the timestamper by default for all applications except the router
1639      (enable via -Dtime.disabled=false)
1640    * Simplify the retrieval of the full destination with text based browsers.
1641    * Bundle the updated wrapper.config and hosts.txt in the i2pupdate.tar.bz2
16432004-09-07  jrandom
1644    * Write the native libraries to the current directory when they are loaded
1645      from a resource, and load them from that file on subsequent runs (in
1646      turn, we no longer *cough* delete the running libraries...)
1647    * Added support for a graceful restart.
1648    * Added new pseudo-shutdown hook specific to the router, allowing
1649      applications to request tasks to be run when the router shuts down.  We
1650      use this for integration with the service manager, since otherwise a
1651      graceful shutdown would cause a timeout, followed by a forced hard
1652      shutdown.
1653    * Made the capacity calculator a bit more dynamic by not outright ignoring
1654      the otherwise valid capacity data for a period with a single rejected
1655      tunnel (except for the 10 minute period).  In addition, peers with an
1656      equal capacity are ordered by speed rather than by their hashes.
1657    * Cleaned up the SimpleTimer, addressing some threading and synchronization
1658      issues.
1659    * When an I2PTunnel client or httpclient is explicitly closed, destroy the
1660      associated session (unless there are other clients using it), and deal
1661      with a closed session when starting a new I2PTunnel instance.
1662    * Refactoring and logging.
16642004-09-06  jrandom
1665    * Address a race condition in the key management code that would manifest
1666      itself as a corrupt router identity.
1667    * Properly clear old transport addresses from being displayed on the old
1668      console after soft restarts.
1669    * Properly refuse to load the client applications more than once in the
1670      same JVM.
1671    * Added support for a graceful restart (a graceful shutdown followed by a
1672      full JVM restart - useful for restarting client apps).
1673    * More defensive programming, HTML cleanup, logging
1674    * wrapper.config cleanup of duplicate lines
16762004-09-04  jrandom
1677    * Added some basic guards to prevent multiple instances from running.
1678      Specifically, a file "" in the install directory which is
1679      written to once a minute - if that file exists and has been modified
1680      within the last minute, refuse to start up.  In turn, adjust the
1681      service wrapper to wait a minute before restarting a crashed JVM.
1682    * Create a "work" directory in the I2P install dir which Jetty will
1683      use for all of its temporary files.
1684    * Tell the browser not to cache most of the router console's pages.
16862004-09-04  jrandom
1687    * Update the SDK to automatically reconnect indefinitely with an
1688      exponential delay on retries (capped at 5 minutes).
1690* 2004-09-03  0.4 released
16922004-09-03  jrandom
1693    * Updated default wrapper.config to deal with the hard restart option
1694    * Include the history.txt in the /help.jsp page
1695    * HTML updates (wrapper.log, and no more unix scripts)
1696    * Updated VERSION constants to 0.4
16982004-09-03  hypercubus
1699    * Bugfix: Installer launches postinstall.bat on WinNT/2K properly.
1700    * Temporarily removed install_i2p_service_unix and
1701      uninstall_i2p_service_unix from distribution packages.
1702    * postinstall.bat/ cleans installation directory of all files
1703      not applicable to the host OS.
17052004-09-03  oOo
1706    * Added some filters to the HTTP request, replacing the User-Agent,
1707      Referrer, Via, and From headers, which helps until we have a more
1708      comprehensive filtering system.
17102004-09-03  jrandom
1711    * Disabled the old listener on port 7655.
17132004-09-02  jrandom
1714    * Cleaned up the base build.xml, adding a new target ("updater") which
1715      builds the file i2pupdate.tar.bz2 which can be safely extracted over
1716      existing installs.
17182004-xx-xx  jrandom
1719    * Implemented the new web architecture and router console
1720    * Implemented I2PTunnel web interface, and revamped startup process.
1721    * Revamped peer selection code to address skew.
1722    * Removed all temporary threads from the router and the SDK.
1723    * Bugfix dealing with timeouts and resends.
1724    * Integrated Iakin's jcpuid library and jbigi update, with modifications.
17262004-xx-xx  hypercubus
1727    * Implemented the new installation process.
1728    * Integrated systray
1729    * Integrated service manager
17312004-xx-xx  oOo
1732    * Implemented ?i2paddresshelper= hook
1733    * Many small bugfixes to the web interface, router, i2ptunnel, and core.
17352004-xx-xx  Nightblade
1736    * libSAM updates.
17382004-xx-xx  cervantes
1739    * Imported i2pProxy.pac proxy script in with the build.
1741* 2004-08-20 released
1742* 2004-08-12 released
1743* 2004-08-08 released
1744* 2004-07-29  0.3.4 released
1745* 2004-07-23  0.3.3 released
1746* 2004-07-16 released
1747* 2004-07-14 released
1748* 2004-07-11 released
1749* 2004-07-07  0.3.2 released
1750* 2004-06-25 released
1751* 2004-05-23 released
1752* 2004-05-20 released
1753* 2004-05-13 released
1754* 2004-05-07 released
1755* 2004-04-30  0.3.1 released
1756* 2004-04-20 released
1757* 2004-04-04 released
1758* 2004-03-30 released
1759* 2004-03-25 released
1760* 2004-03-21  0.3.0 released
1761* 2004-03-10 released
1762* 2004-03-04 released
1763* 2004-02-28 released
1764* 2004-02-27 released
1765* 2004-02-25  0.2.5 released
1766* 2004-02-19 released
1767* 2004-02-15 released
1768* 2004-02-14  0.2.4 released
1769* 2004-01-27 released
1770* 2004-01-21 released
1771* 2004-01-14 released
1772* 2003-12-29 released
1773* 2003-12-27 released
1774* 2003-12-25 released
1775* 2003-12-13  0.2.3 released
1776* 2003-12-01  0.2.2 released
1777* 2003-11-18 released
1778* 2003-11-12  0.2.1 released
1779* 2003-11-09 released
1780* 2003-11-08 released
1781* 2003-11-03 released
1782* 2003-11-01  0.2 released
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