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  • UDP: Fix major MTU bug introduced in 0.8.9.
    • Change large MTU from 1492 to 1484 and small from 608 to 620 for encryption padding efficiency
    • Enforce sent MTU limit
    • Increase receive buffer size from 1536 to 1572 so that excessive-sized packets sent by 0.8.9-0.8.11 routers aren't dropped
    • Limit the max acks in a data packet
    • Limit the duplicate acks in successive data packets
    • Only include acks that will fit in the mtu in a data packet
    • Correctly remove acks from the pending set after they are sent, so they aren't sent repeatedly
    • Don't pad data packets unless necessary
    • Debug logging and javadocs
  • Property mode set to 100644
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