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  • Reorder .snarkCommentInfo sections so my rating / average rating is located directly above posted comments/ratings in .snarkComments
    • Allows us to visually join the two tables and provide comment/rating continuity
  • If author name for comments is configured, display it in .snarkCommentInfo table header
  • Full status tooltips for status icons in .snarkTorrents
    • This ensures we still retain full info in mini-mode in light/midnight themes in addition to providing more descriptive text (for new users)
  • Rework td/th classes for .snarkTorrents so each column (both th + td) now belongs to a given class
    • Removes the need to overuse nth-child qualifiers to target columns
    • Allows easier column-alignment/spacing/widths
  • Stop .snarkTorrentStatus class being incorrectly applied to .peerinfo columns
  • Spans for DHT peers / Dest in #totals
    • Ensures they don't break on narrower screens in Russian etc.
  • Span for .snarkTorrentInfo info hash
    • So we can highlight and select with a single click
  • Delete icon for delete comments td
  • Overhaul .snarkTorrents column widths
    • Provides more predictable scaling experience, tidier layout
  • CSS tidyups; deduplicate .snarkTorrents classes and move to their own commented section
  • Property mode set to 100644
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