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UI updates


  • /logs: fixed environment/running info table resize on focus (ticket #1996)
  • Scale theme/language divs so we don't truncate language display
  • Arabic (light) adjust font size for sidebar elements
  • Sidebar network status display (ticket #1996)
  • Usability:
    • Enhance presentation of tables on /peers (improve header/column alignment, center to separator for multi-value rows)
    • Enhance presentation of tables on /tunnels (reliable alignment of mixed content in rows, more prominence to bandwidth tiers)


  • Usability: add tabindex="0" to screenlog
  • Update navbar link classes to allow easier targetting of button type
  • Remove disabled cursor for known tracker radio icons (ticket #1996)
  • Fix alignment issue for comments (ticket #1996)
  • ubergine: further optimize theme to reduce scroll lag (ticket #1996)
  • ubergine/vanilla:
    • Add mini-mode at ⇐800px
    • Small size reduction to navbar links (ticket #1996)


  • Theme tweaks
  • Property mode set to 100644
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