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UI fixes

'light' theme (console & apps):

  • Rework to reduce contrast (ticket #1996)
  • Add custom radio/checkbox icons for Chrome/Blink?


  • Fix reseed failure notice overlap when "check connection" message shown
  • Enhance presentation of console "error 500" messages
  • Cosmetic tweaks to welcome page presentation, arabic welcome page tidyup
  • Migrate .smallhead th class to tr to simplify markup
  • Sidebar:
    • Remove "Congestion" from default sidebar (still present in default advanced sidebar)
    • Fix label wrapping issue with translations
    • Migrate sidepanel news section to tables to permit better control over wrapping and placement (ticket #1996)
    • Move news item dates to tooltips to lessen chance of headlines wrapping and cleanup presentation
    • Increase maximum length of local tunnel links in the sidebar (and handle overflow with CSS) to minimize chance of default tunnels display truncating in translations
    • Add the power off icon to sidebar restart button on hover to clarify button function (ticket #1996)
  • /configadvanced: Move floodfill status to row above to remove unnecessary whitespace and cleanup UI
  • /debug: Add debug icon to h2 headers to aid navigation
  • /graphs: Improve presentation of graph images by removing rendered border and setting background color to better integrate with themes
  • /home: Widen to lessen chance of truncation (classic/midnight)
  • /jars:
    • Minimize table overflow with conditional scaling of content
    • One-click select for revision, sha256 & unsigned mods
  • /logs:
    • Reduce line/entry spacing for router and critical logs (#ticket 1996)
    • Multi-column view for changelog at ≥1400px to address horizontal whitespace issue
  • /netdb:
    • Multi-column display of Leases in LeaseSet? tables
    • Better alignment of Lease elements, iconify gateway
    • Placeholder flag for unknown/unresolved peers for [flag+dest] combos to improve presentation / fix deadspace issue
  • Chinese:
    • Fix alignment of table contents in /tunnels (classic)
    • Fix sidebar content display width (midnight)
    • Cosmetic fixes (all themes)


  • Ensure message log font scales proportionately
  • Fix overflow issue with dropdowns in Chrome/blink (dark/midnight)


  • Reduce width of filter buttons to lessen chance of wrapping (ticket #1996)
  • Add non-selectable items to improve copy/paste of hosts in address books
  • Make dest addresses in host list only display scrollbar on focus to reduce screen clutter
  • Hide broken imagegen images

SusiMail?: Enhance presentation of 'postman' links on login panel

  • Property mode set to 100644
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