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EdDSA: Backport versions 0.2/0.3 from github:

  • Change key encoding to match curdle draft
  • Support key decoding based on curdle draft
  • Implement true constant-time cmov()
  • Add handling of X509Key-wrapped EdDSA keys (GitHub? PR #47)
  • Clarify that KeyPairGenerator? takes a key size, not strength
  • Javadocs

GitHub? PR #58:

  • Make GroupElement? immutable by moving the pre-computed logic to the constructors, allowing the synchronized checking of whether the pre-computed logic had executed or not to be removed since it always has when it is used because those code paths are modified to request it at construction time.
  • This allows getNegativeA() to be lazy, and doesn't need volatile due to the immutability (and final fields - this is important part of the contract with the JVM memory model).
  • Remove synchronized contention from the named curve table get method.
  • Generally remove use of the named curve table get method with a constant curve name in hot code paths in favour of using a new static constant for the curve spec.

Overall performance changes:

  • Keygen 46% faster
  • Signing 39% slower (due to cmov)
  • Verify 2% faster
  • Property mode set to 100644
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