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2004-12-21 jrandom

  • Cleaned up the postinstall/startup scripts a bit more to handle winME, and added windows info to the headless docs. (thanks ardvark!)
  • Fixed a harmless (yet NPE inspiring) race during the final shutdown of a stream (thanks frosk!)
  • Add a pair of new stats for monitoring tunnel participation - tunnel.participatingBytesProcessed (total # bytes transferred) and tunnel.participatingBytesProcessedActive (total # bytes transferred for tunnels whose byte count exceed the 10m average). This should help further monitor congestion issues.
  • Made the NamingService? factory property public (thanks susi!)
  • Property mode set to 100644
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1$Id: install-headless.txt,v 1.3 2004/09/29 14:38:15 jrandom Exp $
2Headless I2P installation instructions
41) tar xjf i2p.tar.bz2                     (you've already done this)
52) cd i2p ; vi install-headless.txt        (you're doing this now)
63) sh                       (this launches the router)
74) lynx http://localhost:7657/index.jsp    (configure the router)
9If you're having trouble, swing by, check the
10website at, or get on irc://
12To run I2P explicitly:
13   (*nix): sh i2prouter start
14   (win*): I2Psvc.exe -c wrapper.config
16To stop the router (gracefully):
17   lynx http://localhost:7657/configservice.jsp ("Shutdown gracefully")
19To stop the router (immediately):
20   sh i2prouter stop
22To uninstall I2P:
23   rm -rf $i2pInstallDir
25Supported JVMs:
26  Windows: Latest available from (1.3+ supported)
27  Linux:   Latest available from (1.3+ supported)
28  FreeBSD: /usr/ports/java/linux-sun-jdk1.4
29  various: using CVS HEAD as of Sept 1, 2004
30           (or any subsequent releases)
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