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2I2P source installation instructions
4To build and install I2P from source, you must first build
5and package up the appropriate installer by running:
7  ant dist
9This will produce a few key files:
10* i2p.tar.bz2:   the headless installation
11* install.jar:   the GUI installer
12* the update package
14From there, you can follow the headless installation instructions
15with the headless installer, run the GUI installer, or deploy
16the update into an existing installation.
18You will need to have ant installed from
19(1.5 or newer)
21Supported JVMs:
22  Windows: Latest available from (1.3+ supported)
23  Linux:   Latest available from (1.3+ supported)
24  FreeBSD: /usr/ports/java/linux-sun-jdk1.4
25  various: using CVS HEAD as of Sept 1, 2004
26           (or any subsequent releases)
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