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2005-09-16 jrandom

  • Added the i2p.exe and i2pinstall.exe for windows users, using launch4j.
  • Added for *nix/osx users having problems using the java service wrapper (called from the install dir as: sh
  • Bundle susidns and syndie, with links on the top nav
  • Have I2PTunnelHTTPClient and I2PTunnelHTTPServer use the x-i2p-gzip content-encoding (if offered), reducing the payload size before it reaches the streaming lib. The existing compression is at the i2cp level, so we've been packetizing 4KB of uncompressed data and then compressing those messages, rather than compressing and then packetizing 4KB of compressed data. This should reduce the number of round trips to fetch web pages substantially.
  • Adjust the startup and timing of the addressbook so that susidns always has config to work off, and expose a method for susidns to tell it to reload its config and rerun.
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 480 bytes
2  <headerType>0</headerType>
3  <jar>../install.jar</jar>
4  <outfile>../i2pinstall.exe</outfile>
5  <errTitle>I2P Installer</errTitle>
6  <chdir>.</chdir>
7  <customProcName>false</customProcName>
8  <!--<icon>SimpleApp.ico</icon>-->
9  <jre>
10    <minVersion>1.4.0</minVersion>
11  </jre>
12  <!--
13  <splash>
14    <file>splash.bmp</file>
15    <waitForWindow>true</waitForWindow>
16    <timeout>60</timeout>
17    <timeoutErr>true</timeoutErr>
18  </splash>
19  -->
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