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  • 2006-02-27 released

2006-02-27 jrandom

  • Adjust the jbigi.jar to use the athlon-optimized jbigi on windows/amd64 machines, rather than the generic jbigi (until we have an athlon64 optimized version)
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1jbigi.jar was built by jrandom on Aug 21, 2004 with the jbigi and jcpuid
2native libraries compiled on linux, winXP (w/ MinGW), and freebsd (4.8). 
3The GMP code in jbigi is from GMP-4.1.3 (, and
4was optimized for a variety of CPU architectures.
6On Sep 16, 2005, libjbigi-osx-none.jnilib was added to jbigi.jar after
7being compiled by jrandom on osx/ppc with GMP-4.1.4.
9On Sep 18, 2005, was added to jbigi.jar after
10being compiled by jrandom on linux/p4 (cross compiled to --host=x86_64)
11with GMP-4.1.4.
13On Nov 29, 2005, the libjbigi-osx-none.jnilib was added back to
14jbigi.jar after being mistakenly removed in the Sep 18 update (d'oh!)
16On Dec 30, 2005, the was updated to use the
17(year old) C version of jcpuid, rather than the C++ version.  This removes
18the dependency that has been a problem for a few linux distros.
20On Feb 8, 2006, the was added to jbigi.jar after
21being compiled by jrandom on linux/p4 (cross compiled to --host=viac3)
23On Feb 27, 2006, jbigi-win-athlon.dll was copied to jbigi-win-athlon64.dll,
24as it should offer amd64 users better performance than jbigi-win-none.dll
25until we get a full amd64 build.
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