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New jbigi/jcpuid compiles for Windows.

Compiled using mingw32 in Windows XP (gcc —version returns v4.5.2).

As was done with the Linux and FreeBSD builds, jbigi was linked with gmp-4.3.2
for the 32bit cpus and 5.0.2 for the 64bit CPUs.

Since there current isn't a free version of the wrapper for x64 Windows, there
aren't any x64 versions of these dlls.

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1NOTE: This file may not be maintained.
2See history.txt, checkin comments, javadoc, and code in and for additional information.
4See for naming rules and algorithms for
5generating an ordered list of names to load.
9jbigi.jar was built by jrandom on Aug 21, 2004 with the jbigi and jcpuid
10native libraries compiled on linux, winXP (w/ MinGW), and freebsd (4.8). 
11The GMP code in jbigi is from GMP-4.1.3 (, and
12was optimized for a variety of CPU architectures.
14On Sep 16, 2005, libjbigi-osx-none.jnilib was added to jbigi.jar after
15being compiled by jrandom on osx/ppc with GMP-4.1.4.
17On Sep 18, 2005, was added to jbigi.jar after
18being compiled by jrandom on linux/p4 (cross compiled to --host=x86_64)
19with GMP-4.1.4.
21On Nov 29, 2005, the libjbigi-osx-none.jnilib was added back to
22jbigi.jar after being mistakenly removed in the Sep 18 update (d'oh!)
24On Dec 30, 2005, the was updated to use the
25(year old) C version of jcpuid, rather than the C++ version.  This removes
26the dependency that has been a problem for a few linux distros.
28On Feb 8, 2006, the was added to jbigi.jar after
29being compiled by jrandom on linux/p4 (cross compiled to --host=viac3)
31On Feb 27, 2006, jbigi-win-athlon.dll was copied to jbigi-win-athlon64.dll,
32as it should offer amd64 users better performance than jbigi-win-none.dll
33until we get a full amd64 build.
37Updates May/June 2011:
38  jcpuid:
39   - jcpuid.c updated to be compatible with -fPIC
40   - 32 bit updated, compiled with -fPIC.
41   - 64 bit added, compiled with -fPIC.
42   - 32 bit updated, compiled with -fPIC.
43   - 64 bit added, compiled with -fPIC.
44   - 32 bit added, compiled with -fPIC.
45   - 32 bit jcpuid-windows.dll updated (no PIC for Windows).
46   - See also javadoc and code in
47  jbigi:
48   - k62 and k63 are identical for all except windows; exception added to
49     NativeBigInteger to use k62 for k63. k63 files deleted.
50   - All 32 bit linux files updated with GMP 4.3.2, compiled with -fPIC,
51     except for athlon64 and pentium4, which use GMP 5.0.2.
52   - All 64 bit linux files updated with GMP 5.0.2.
53   - All 32 bit freebsd files updated with GMP 4.3.2, compiled with -fPIC.
54   - All 64 bit freebsd files are new and were linked with GMP 5.0.2.
55   - All existing windows files were updated with GMP 4.3.2. Just as was
56     done for the non-windows architectures, files for 64 bit CPUs were
57     linked with GMP 5.0.2.
58   - jbigi-windows-athlon64.dll was updated, it used to be duplicate of
59     jbigi-windows-athlon.dll.
60   - Note that all new 64 bit files will use the _64 suffix. For example,
61     the old file was 64 bit; now it is 32 bit
62     and the 64 bit file is
63   - The 4.3.2 files are half the size of the 5.0.2 files, and there was
64     little or no performance difference for 32 bit, so we are using
65     4.3.2 for 32 bit. For 64-bit processors, both performance testing and
66     the GMP changelog led us to use 5.0.2 for both the 32- and 64-bit versions.
67   - See also checkin comments, javadoc and code in
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