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2005-09-17 jrandom

  • Added the natively compiled jbigi and patched java service wrapper for OS X. Thanks Bill Dorsey for letting me use your machine!
  • Don't build i2p.exe or i2pinstall.exe when run on OS X machines, as we don't bundle the binutils necessary (and there'd be a naming conflict if we did).
  • Added 'single user' functionality to syndie - if the single user checkbox on the admin page is checked, all users are allowed to control the instance and sync up with remote syndie nodes.
  • Temporarily disable the x-i2p-gzip in i2ptunnel until it is more closely debugged.
  • Property mode set to 100644
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1The wrapper in here is built with an osx patch, backported from
2the 3.1.2 per
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5                                          group_id=39428&
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