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Set permissions to a SID not to the group Users, fixing a bug that is triggered
on localized versions of Windows.

Non-English versions of Windows do not have a Users group; instead they use a
localized group name. As a result, when installing I2P on a non-English Windows
box, the installer will show an error when trying to run the fixperms.bat

Using the SID will work with any localized Windows. SID list @

  • Property mode set to 100755
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1:: Fix Vista permission problems
2:: From
4:: 'echo Y' to get past the 'are you sure' question...
5:: cacls requires it on XP, icacls doesnt appear so, but can't hurt
6:: F : full control
7:: /c : continue on error
8:: /q : quiet
9:: /t : recursive
11:: Note: We should not use the group name "Users" since this group will not
12:: exist on non-English versions of Windows.
14:: S-1-5-32-545 = Users (en). Benutzer (de), etc.
16:: Specifying the SID will work on ALL versions of Windows.
17:: List of well-known SIDs at
19echo Y|icacls %1 /grant  *S-1-5-32-545:F /c /t > %1%\fixperms.log
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