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Build: Rename translated man pages to be compatible
with dh_installman for debian.
Add i2prouter-nowrapper man page.
Misc. man page fixups (man man-pages for the standard)
No ant targets or deb packaging yet.

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2# This is for translating the man pages.
3# po4a must be installed: sudo apt install po4a
4# Usage: po4a -v -d -M UTF-8 -L UTF-8 po4a.config
5# See 'man po4a'
7[po4a_paths] locale-man/man.pot $lang:locale-man/man_$lang.po
8[po4a_langs] es zh
9[type:man] man/eepget.1 $lang:man/eepget.$lang.1
10[type:man] man/i2prouter.1 $lang:man/i2prouter.$lang.1
11[type:man] man/i2prouter-nowrapper.1 $lang:man/i2prouter-nowrapper.$lang.1
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