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1<div align="right"> 
2  <div class="langbox" align="right"><a href="/index.jsp?lang=en"><img src="/flags.jsp?c=us" title="English" alt="English"></a> 
3    <a href="/index.jsp?lang=zh"><img src="/flags.jsp?c=cn" title="Chinese" alt="Chinese"></a> 
4    <a href="/index.jsp?lang=de"><img src="/flags.jsp?c=de" title="Deutsch" alt="Deutsch"></a> 
5    <a href="/index.jsp?lang=fr"><img src="/flags.jsp?c=fr" title="Fran&ccedil;ais" alt="Fran&ccedil;ais"></a> 
6    <a href="/index.jsp?lang=nl"><img src="/flags.jsp?c=nl" title="Nederlands" alt="Nederlands"></a> 
7    <a href="/index.jsp?lang=sv"><img src="/flags.jsp?c=se" title="Svenska" alt="Svenska"></a></div>
9<div class="welcome"><h2>Welcome to I2P!</h2></div>
10<p>If you've just started I2P, the Active: numbers on the left should start to
11  grow over the next few minutes and you'll see a "shared clients" local destination
12  listed on the left (if not, <a href="#trouble">see below</a>). Once those show
13up, you can:</p> 
15  <li><b>browse "eepsites"</b> - on I2P there are anonymously hosted websites
16    - tell your browser to use the <b>HTTP proxy at port 4444</b>, then
17    browse to an eepsite:<br>
18    <ul class="links">
19      <li><a href="http://inproxy.tino.i2p/status.php">inproxy.tino.i2p</a> 
20        and <a href="http://perv.i2p/stats.cgi">perv.i2p</a>: sites tracking active
21        eepsites</li>
22      <li><a href="http://forum.i2p/">forum.i2p</a>: a secure
23        and anonymous connection to <a href=""></a></li>
24      <li><a href="http://www.i2p2.i2p/">www.i2p2.i2p</a> and
25        mirror <a href="http://i2p-projekt.i2p">i2p-projekt.i2p</a>: secure and
26        anonymous connections to <a href=""></a></li>
27      <li><a href="http://eepsites.i2p/">eepsites.i2p</a>: an
28        anonymously hosted search engine of eepsites</li>
29      <li><a href="http://ugha.i2p/">ugha.i2p</a>: ugha's eepsite,
30        a wiki that anyone can edit, and lots of links</li>
31      <li><a href="http://fproxy.tino.i2p">fproxy.tino.i2p</a>:
32        Freenet proxy</li>
33      <li><a href="http://echelon.i2p">echelon.i2p</a>: software
34        archive and information for I2P</li>
35      <li><a href="http://paste.i2p2.i2p">paste.i2p2.i2p</a>: secure and
36        anonymous paste service.</li>
37    </ul><br>
38      There are many more eepsites - just follow the links from the ones you see,
39      bookmark your favorites, and visit them often!
40    </li>
41    <ul>
42      <li class="tidylist"><b>browse the web</b> - there is currently an HTTP
43        "outproxy" in I2P hooked up to your own HTTP proxy on port 4444 - simply
44        set your browser's proxy to use it (as above) and go to any normal URL
45        - your requests will be bounced through the I2P network.</li>
46      <li class="tidylist"><b>transfer files</b> - there is an integrated <a href="/i2psnark">port</a> 
47        of the <a href="">Snark</a> <a href="">BitTorrent</a> 
48        client.</li>
49      <li class="tidylist"><b>use anonymous email</b> - postman has created a
50        mail system compatible with normal mail clients (POP3 / SMTP) that allows
51        email within I2P as well as mail from and to the normal internet! get
52        your account at <a href="http://hq.postman.i2p/">hq.postman.i2p</a>. We
53        bundle <a href="/susimail/susimail">susimail</a>, a web based anonymity-oriented
54        pop3/smtp client configured to access postman's mail services.</li>
55      <li class="tidylist"><b>chat anonymously</b> - fire up your own IRC client
56        and connect to the server at <b> port 6668</b>. This points at
57        one of two anonymously hosted IRC servers, but neither you nor they know
58        where the other is.</li>
59      <li class="tidylist"><b>blog anonymously</b> - check out <a href="">Syndie</a></li>
60      <li class="tidylist">and lots more</li>
61    </ul>
63<h2>Want your own eepsite?</h2>
64<p>We've bundled some software to let you run your own eepsite - a <a href="">Jetty</a> 
65  instance listening on <a href=""></a>.
66  Simply place your files in the <code>eepsite/docroot/</code> directory (or place
67  any standard JSP/Servlet <code>.war</code> files under <code>eepsite/webapps</code>,
68  or standard CGI script under <code>eepsite/cgi-bin</code>) and they'll show
69  up. After starting up an <a href="/i2ptunnel/">eepsite tunnel</a> pointing at
70  it, your eepsite will be visible to others. Detailed instructions for starting
71  your eepsite are on <a href="">your temporary eepsite
72  page</a>. </p>
73<h2><a name="trouble">Troubleshooting</a></h2>
74<p>Be patient - I2P may be slow to start the first time as it searches for peers.
75  If, after 30 minutes, your Active: connected/recent count has less than 10 connected
76  peers, you should open I2P's port on your firewall for better connectivity. If
77  you cannot see any eepsites at all (even <a href="http://www.i2p2.i2p/">www.i2p2.i2p</a>),
78  be sure your browser proxy is set to port 4444. You may also want
79  to review the information on the <a href="http://www.i2p2.i2p/">I2P website</a>,
80  post up messages to the <a href="">I2P discussion forum</a>,
81  or swing by #i2p or #i2p-chat on IRC at <a href="irc://"></a>,
82  irc.postman.i2p or irc.freshcoffee.i2p (they're linked together).</p>
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