source: launchers/macosx/I2PLauncher/I2PLauncher-Bridging-Header.h @ 7a72049

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Mac OS X Launcher:

  • Bugfixes as always
  • Added Sparkle (native updater, )
  • The launcher will now extract and overwrite older versions if found
  • Rewrite of the java extraction part (to enable overwrite)
  • Move more functionality to use EventManager? as it works quite well
  • Added check for updates menu item
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 240 bytes
2//  Use this file to import your target's public headers that you would like to expose to Swift.
4#import "SBridge.h"
5#import "AppleStuffExceptionHandler.h"
6#import "AppDelegate.h"
7#import "RouterTask.h"
8#import "Sparkle/SUUpdater.h"
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